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Stretch and Sweep of the membranes
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Stretch and Sweep of the membranes

Last tuesday I had the S.S done, and I might add it was horrible and very invasive! I had it done at 4, started having really bad cramps immediately, and then contractions started at around 6...They were about 5-7 minutes apart and lasting about a minute to just a little over. They subsided around 1 am. I was supposed to be induced within a couple days of that but my OB said she was worried that I hadnt dropped at all and wanted to wait another week before an induction to reduce the risk of having to have a c section.(I was 40 weeks 2 days then)
I go back and see her this tuesday and she wants to do another Stretch and Sweep, and then if nothing happens by the evening(my appt is at 2:30) she wants me to go in and get labor started at the hospital.
Here's the thing, I REALLY don't want to have that done again!! It brought on some serious contractions and then ended with no results...a waste of time and very uncomfortable for nothing.
I think that I may opt out of having the sweep done and just ask to be brought in to have the induction.
I dont want the same thing to happen all over again.
I also had lost some mucus plug with bleeding for 4 days afterwards.
I wanted to go completely natural and now fear that it will be too intense and may need something! Considering the pain I went through, if that wasnt real labor I think this is gonna knock me on my butt.
anyone else had the S.S done with same thing.
Do you think I should have it done again hours before I am getting induced? I just think why bother?
Hoping everyone is doing well!
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I haven't had a S&S done, but I was induced with my first.  I was actually suprised they didn't try the cervical dialating before they gave me Pitocin.  Granted, that was 12 years ago and I was very young.  
They say pitocin can bring on harder and more painful labor, however my labor with pitocin was not nearly as hard as natural fast labor with my daughter.  I found that when everything is going fast, your body gets so worn out.  I went with an epidural at 5CMD and an hour later I was at 10!  They wouldn't usually give an epidural so close to delivery, but no one had any idea that I was about to deliver.
With first I tried cod liver oil and raspberry tea, etc.  Natural ways to bring on labor, but he wouldn't come and I was induced at 42 weeks.  With my second, the minute I felt contractions I went to Wal-mart (weird, I know, but it's warm in winter and the only place to walk laps and shopping helps to take your mind off it, hehe) and walked aroun
(oops)  I walked around Wal-mart until she came.

I would agree with you that you she should just let you be induced.  The S&S sounds like more trouble than it's worth.  
But that's just my opinion.
If you are really uncomfortable with the procedure, then you should tell her that you don't want it. I had my membranes stripped with my first, but I didn't have the same experience as you. It was a bit painful, but I didn't have contractions.
Don't be too quick to say that it didn't do anything for you though, because when you are contracting your body is doing a lot of work. You may not see what happened as a result, but I am sure that it did something for you.
As far as being induced...I was induced with my first, and also got pitocin with my second (don't ask me why), and I will tell you that I hate the stuff. It made my contractions WAY worse and I ended up getting an epidural both times. I did however last much longer with my second  when I was aloud to labor longer without pitocin. Once I got it though I was in total pain and couldn't handle it any more. Personally, I would do anything possible to not be given pitocin again, even if it meant the S.S.
Ultimately you should do what you are comfortable with. Good luck!
the strech an dsweep is NEVER a good thing! It will not bring on labor but can break your water, then you know the dr's will say you have to deliver in 24 hours! I would not have it and I would not induce either!!!! There is a high rate of problems, and death with indiction to both baby and mother. Yes some ahve it and are fine but then again do you want to be that 47%??? I would not! As long as the baby is fine she will come when she needs to. I know that they say there is problems with the baby growing and the placenta later on but you have no idea when the baby implanted and when you are 40 weeks you may only be 39 and 1 day. The best way to help labor is to start evening primrose oil. 1000mg on your cervix (or lbais but it is not as effective) You can use casples and break them open if you can't find the plain oil. Every 4 hours till labor starts. You will go into labor with that. When you atart having contractions have sex which gives you oxitocin and prostiglandins that will help the labor go.

Don't listen to the dr as they will not tell you how your body works and it does Honey believe me! It will happen and do not get the sweep or get induced!
I re-read my post and I noticed I didn't say that natural labor is best in most situations. I agree with 30something13 wholeheartedly.  
I had a harder labor towards the end with my second, but it's near always better for the baby to go into labor naturally.  
Nowadays many doctors (not all) like to do labors during working hours and have less regard for letting labor happen naturally without intervention as it is inconvenient to their schedule.
The practice of resorting to different interventions instead of natural labor, is just not usually healthy for mother and baby.
In some cases, however, interventions are necessary, but certainly not in all all.
I had my membranes stripped (It sounds similar to what you said), at almost 2 weeks late.  It put me in labor with in 3 hours, and eventually I had to have my watter broken because it was progressing too slowly.

I'm sure everyone reacts differently to that stuff, but if you had that reaction the first time, then yeah I'd probabily choose not to.  Being induced can bring on labor pretty hard and strong.  Stripping membranes is a small form of inducing, so is breaking the watter.  If you need to be induced, then try the other methods first, and keep an open mind for pain meds.

I haven't decided what I"m doing this time, but I'm leaning towards the stuff in the IV because I'm scared to death of the epidural.  Ideally I'd like to go all natural, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.

Good luck!
I had the ss with my son a few months ago he was my third child.
It gave me exactly what u are describing it was horrible and a week later i still hadnt gone into labor (mind u i was 38.5 wks)
I was bleeding and lost mucus plug that entire week and was in alot of pain cramps contractions etc!
A weeks later i was induce but as babys head was still high i had the gel then the did a controlled arm ( artificial rupture of membranes) where the dr broke my water but held her hand on the head to prevent cord prolapse and c-section!
It was the worst of my 3 labors and baby had alot of problems needing ventilating etc and was in intensive care for 2 weeks with rds (respiratory distress syndrome) i think it was all 2 much for him to fast and not natural. looking back id wait now but its up to you i wish u all the best .
have u tried natural methods of induction? ps if was me id get the sweep again before u go for ibduction but after it go for a long walk!!!!!!!!
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