belly size & birthweight?
by mom2ariana, Feb 24, 2010
lately everyone has been telling me that i am small for 6 1/2 months. some people have said i look 3 or 4?? i dont think i do, i feel like im pretty normal for 6 1/2 months. but does anyone know if that always indicates a smaller baby? i'm afraid she'll be too small or have low birthweight? ive gained 14 lbs so far. there's also pictures on my profile...can anyone shed some light on this??
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by AshelenBlank, Feb 24, 2010
you looked just right the last pic I saw, I wouldn't worry. And if you've gained 14lbs you're probably absolutely fine. belly size has nothing to do with birth weight :). Some women barely show and deliver full-term, healthy-sized babies. It just depends on how your uterus is shaped and where your baby prefers to sit. Don't stress about it at all...they can measure on u/s your baby's approximate weight if you're really worried but like I said...belly size is no indicator and besides you look just right IMO.

I also have a relative whose belly got gigantic and her baby was only 5lbs at don't put any stock in it and just enjoy not being a blimp, LOL. most likely you'll explode soon and wish you had your pretty little basketball back instead of a beach ball LOL
by BradyAm, Feb 24, 2010
everyone says different things. some people say your big, some say your small. its all about how you carry your baby (high or low) and whether they prefer to sleep in the front or back. also if this is your 1st child your not going to be as big as someone whose already had children. theres nothing to worry about unless your doctors is worried your not gaining enough weight. dont stress out until your DOCTOR tells you theres a problem. i didn't gain any weight until the middle/end of my second trimester.
by Leanna26, Feb 24, 2010
Everyone is right, everyone does say different things. I got told I looked small at 7 months too, but everything is fine. Pregnancy makes you gain weight in different ways, blood, water, baby ect... so everyone looks different. Nothing to fear. :)
by blueeyedtabbycat, Feb 24, 2010
Everyone is diffrent. I was HUGE with my last 2 pregnancys and my babies were average size. I have a friend that just had a baby and I seen her about a week before her DS was born and I couldnt believe how tiny she was! Well she had her DS a week later and he was close to 9 lbs and he was a week early so I think it just depends. My mom never even showed untill she was around 9 months pregnant. She always claimed she carried in her back, IDK! Im sure your fine.
by Limonada, Feb 24, 2010
Everyone was telling me that during my last pregnancy.  In fact, I was 30 weeks pregnant and people were still coming up to me, asking if I was pregnant (you'd think it would be obvious by the time you're that far  I was concerned, so I talked to my OB about it.  He said that I was right on target, measuring just fine, etc. and that people will rarely tell you that you are "just right" - they'll either say you're looking (too) small or (too) big...and that I shouldn't listen to them.

With that being said, I did end up having a smaller baby this time (6lbs. 11ozs. vs. 7lbs. 6ozs.) - but I think my u/s date was giving a due date that was a week earlier than it should have been, based on my LMP.
by faye83, Feb 24, 2010
Don't let anyone tell you you "look small". Everybody is always telling me that but my baby's weight and height is perfect. It just depends on your body type and how you are carrying the baby
by JoyRenee, Feb 24, 2010
Everyone carries differently, sweetie. Your belly size is not indicative of baby's size at all! Because if that were the case then I should've either birthed twins or a toddler, LOL!
by mom2ariana, Feb 25, 2010
okay that makes me feel better thank you!!! who ever though it would WANT to be big? Now everytime someone tells me im small it makes me sad, lol!
by cocacolapanda, Feb 25, 2010
It does not indicate the size of the baby, A friend of mine and I were pregnant at the same time, our bellys were the same, yet her baby was about 1 1/2 lb larger!  

It all depends on your belly mussels and if it's your first pregnancy or not.