diarrhea during pregnancy
by Cece2010, Mar 02, 2012
Hey Im 34 weeks pregnant and for the past 2 nights when I would try to go to bed my stomach would hurt really bad to the point where i wasnt able to ignore it and then I would go to the bathroom and have diarrhea so is that normal or not?
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by Heatherm4, Mar 02, 2012
Maybe you are eating something that is irritating your stomach? I had a bad bout of a stomach bug a few weeks back. You just want to make sure that you stay hydrated. So drink lots of water or even a power drink like powerade or gatorade.
I'd get to the bottom of it though, maybe it's something you are doing before you go to bed. Make sure you don't get contractions at the same time. If that happens, call or see your doc.
by Stacey91, Mar 02, 2012
I got this 3 times when I was pregnant! it was horrible and so painful!.. I still have no idea what it was lol.. I supose this dosnt really help lol but it was around the same time as you and I havent had an episode since my 3rd!! hope it goes away for you.. mine was the same btw I got into bed but I started feeling a bit sick then the severe poo cramping then the diarrhea!  xx you are not alone lol
by Stacey91, Mar 02, 2012
I still am pregnant btw lol dont no why I said 'when I was' lol
by hotmama78, Mar 02, 2012
Please get check up.. i read here before you shouldn't have it while prego.. i too have it 2 days before i finally realize i not feel my Baby Aidan movement... by the 4th day i get check up he already passed... :(( not too scare you but i do post about it before.. i call ER too they advised me to drink a cup of tea with a bit sugar and salt.. its help but if i can turn back time i will get to ER right away.. not make that stupid calls... i am feeling damn sorry and its horrible then the diarrhea... :((
by Cece2010, Mar 03, 2012
Hotmama Im so sorry for your loss. I had called my doctors and all they said is well diarrhea makes your stomach hurt that I should be fine. I still feel the baby moving but if he starts moving less then ill call right away and say something.