getting negative results but carry all the symptoms..HELP?
by confusedgrl402, Aug 18, 2012
i am a 19 yr old girl and i just recently in june got an abortion and i was 13 weeks and had a surgical abortion. stupid me did not listen to the doctor on no sex for the first 2 weeks. because after i got it i barely bled. and it was mine and my current boyfriends anniversary so we had sex. a few times. then i got my period. so i didnt worry. and then after that went back to our regular sex routine of like 5 days a week and he pulls out. well i had my period last month in july and it was light and just dark redish brown the whole time as if it was pretty much over. i believee it lasted 4 days. which i would suspect longer then that bc i had just got an abortion. well now i been having symptoms of pregnancy. i had my peiod aprox july 26th. and i have been noticing that my lower belly has been hardening and i been getting sick throughout the day and extremely moody at times. and sleep way more. and this week i noticed a white discharge. which all this is recognizeable to me from the first time i was. well i dont know if its too soon to take the test or if my hcg levels are too low. but i have taken 2 this week at home and both were negative. yet the symptoms are still there. do you think i should take another at home test next week? and also can getting an abortion cause me to have low hcg levels now? its only been 3 months since the abortion. please help i am very confused. my boyfriend very suportive tho. unfortunelty i had to get the abortion, it wasnt a choice of mine really. the guy it was with was not a good person.
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by Jnl0114, Aug 18, 2012
I just had an abortion a little over a month ago.. I think im pregnant again also.. Anyway they say the hcg hormone usually only lasts about a month after.. It is much easier to get pregnant after you already have been.. I have taken about 5 tests, 3 have had a very faint line, & 2 came out negative.. Im very confused also! Wish you the best of luck
by mommyofhayden_, Aug 18, 2012
I would definitely look into to this if I were you. The pull out method is not a birth control method. Test again if you miss your next period or if it gets lighter and shorter. I would definitely look into a more effective birth control method.
by glittergirl88, Aug 18, 2012
Do you want to get pregnant? I'm not judging you but you just had an abortion solely because of the dad and now you're with a different guy and you could be pregnant again. Shouldn't you wait a bit to have a baby with this guy? Please please please just think things through.