How long will opiates stay in the system of a fetus?
by badmom54, May 14, 2009
I am 35 weeks pregnant and currently going through opiate withdrawls. I am curious to how long my use will effect my unborn child. I don't want to admit my failure as a mother to anyone. I was hoping by quiting now I maybe able to get the drugs out of my system and my babies. I have only been abusing the drugs for 6 weeks ( since my 29th week of pregnancy). What can I do? And how long will this effect my child?
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by SoCalTricia, May 14, 2009
Opiate use isn't usually associated with any birth defects...but the dangers come more from withdrawl (whatever you feel, your baby feels), low birthweight, and the unstable environment in your womb when you withdrawl. Opiates will stay in the baby's system just slightly longer than in yours...about 3-5 days. Please, please stop abusing opiates now (I'm assuming you're abusing in pill form?). Be honest with your OB so he is prepared for any issues. You won't get in trouble for asking for help, and your OB can refer you to counseling if you need it. Good luck...

by LisaRG, May 15, 2009
I agree with Trish, speak to your OBgyn NOW.  You have nothing to fear if you do it now.  Doctors must keep your meetings confidential, he also needs to know what is happening in your body and your babies body.  He may want you to see a neonatal Doctor, ( a Dr for a baby before it is born ).  You obviously care about your unborn baby or you would not have posted this - I think its great you are asking for help.
I also think after you stop using these drugs , you should get help for addiction so that you don't have to face this when trying to raise children.  Your children will need you to be 100% present, and drugs will prevent you from giving unconditional love.
God luck.
by YvetteY, May 15, 2009
I would discuss this with your doctor.   I heard that you shouldn't be going through withdrawls while your pregnant as it will cause the baby to go through withdrawls as well and possibly cause fetal demise (death).   You should really be checking this out with your doctor and not try to do this on your own( not that i know this is what your are doing).  But the medical professionals should be able to provide this informaton to you.
by 40smama, May 15, 2009
I totally agree w/Yvette - in fact pointing out that withdrawals from opiates was something that my pain management doctor and I talked about before I got pregnant (he talked about that very thing - withdrawal causing fetal demise - especially in 3rd trimester).

Check only w/your physician on this one - it's evaluated case by case - best of luck to you!
by cmoretti, May 19, 2009
There are safe ways to withdrawal but they require doctors supervision. I highly recommend seeing a nutritionist that specializes in addiction too. They can recommend supplements that will replace the things that the drugs took from your system and will help the baby replenish what it hasn't been getting. Opiates are tricky and one of the most dangerous substances to withdrawal from or be addicted to. The drain on your system can last 9 months after you stop using them. This is why it is important to see a nutritionist right away...for your health and your baby's. You don't have 9 months for your body to heal. I would also seek help for addiction since opiates are the most addictive substances and the hardest for people to recover from. The chances of returning to them is very high. Good Luck.
by kim2010710, Dec 13, 2010
Totally false the baby will have it in his or hers system it has no where to go except when the baby poops and that isnt until the baby is born so ur best off telling someone this is very serious and u should be gettin help ur gonna hurt this baby not urself thanks
by mollyma, Dec 13, 2010
Good for you, asking for help. That can't be easy. Agree with the others here -- the next step is talking to your medical professional.
Very best of luck to you.
by abay00, May 15, 2012
i recently had a baby boy i took one vike and went in to labor the next day prior to that i was clean i do have a history with heroin and i have marks they tested me i came up dirty then they tested the baby he was clean bcuz they say the fetus gets such a small amount wen u do opiates but the hospital put my son on morphine anyway and a large amount .26 insted of the normal .19 and sent him to a another hostpital wear they told me he should of not bin put on meds so i asked the original hospital y they did and they said they werent sure if he was withdrawing and they did it for the transport and y they gave him so much was bcuz he was 8 lbs and most babies born with wd are 3-5 lbs does anyone think i should try to sew my son was in there for 2 and 1/2 weeks becuz they gave him such a big dose and i had to put up with cys and **** i never lost custody but i had to do a bunch of bull **** what should i do  and the bottom line they made my son withdraw wen he wasnt
by loving1211, Sep 19, 2012
Doctors have a "duty to inform". They won't just keep it a secret if a mother is abusing any kind of drugs while pregnant. I seen a lot of women go through this. Your baby's safety is #1, don't expect CPS not to get involved though, because like i said, your doctor has a "duty to inform" and "keep the baby safe", so as much as we'd like to hope that our meetings with Dr are confidential, in these matters, they are not. And they do a test called (meconium, they test the baby's poop) and drugs can come up in this test pretty far back.