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Spotting a week before period 17 DPO BFN and late? Chart and symptoms p...
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Spotting a week before period 17 DPO BFN and late? Chart and symptoms posted

Here's everything:
CD1-5 menstruation
CD 6-12 baby dance days
CD12/13 EWCM and lots of it. Possible ovulation based on CM.
CD14/15 watery clear CM with a tinge of white
CD16 3DPO sticky CM
CD17 4DPO no CM, or at least very little
CD18 5 DPO light pink spotting in AM creamy white CM the rest of the day
CD19 6DPO more light pink spotting around lunch, creamy white CM the rest of the day
CD18-19 feeling sick on an off, a couple times felt like I might pass out. What feels like very light cramping on and off, but not really cramps more feeling like I need to poop. from CD18 to now: BAD heartburn no matter what I eat, not sleeping evenly anymore, frequent urniation, feeling tired all the time.
CD20 7DPO No spotting at all and I feel normal. creamy CM
CD21 8DPO spotting returns in the evening but stops almost immediately. BFN
CD22 9DPO sticky CM almost dry. Spotting again in the PM. Crampy feelings are back too. BFN very gassy
CD23 10DPO Spotting increases mostly light pink with a few drops of red. Not enough for a pad though and mostly only see it when I wipe. Creamy CM like lotion it is thin and gushes making me feel like AF is early.
CD24 11 DPO Pink spotting in the AM, noticed it at FMU and then nothing else all day. Crampy pokey feeling in lower right side near pelvis. Constant wet feeling like AF has arrived. Lots of lotiony white CM. BFN
CD25 12 DPO Creamy white CM and abundannt. No spotting today. BFN Crampy feelings are GONE
CD26 13 DPO Creamy white CM and abundant again. No spotting. Still feels like AF is coming, gassy with heartburn still continuing, still NO cramps
CD27 14 DPO Creamy white CM. BFN, period might start today.....(sometimes starts on CD26/27)
CD28 15 DPO creamy CM BFN, expected period but no AF.
CD29 16 DPO creamy CM, thin, lotiony, abundant. Hot flashes in the PM when getting ready for bed. Still no AF
CD30 17 DPO creamy CM just like CD29. Low level sick feeling all day, like how you feel 15 mins before you throw up,especially in afternoon. But, I never got sick my stomach just feels like....ugh.

Co-workers commented on how quiet I was today. I'm usually very outgoing, but I'm kinda "lazy" feeling right now. BFN and that's where I'm at now.

So, I don't understand the spotting for two days, then gone for two days, then back for 4???? and never enough to enough to even bother unwrapping a napkin for it. After that it's kinda hard to ignore the signs, but I keep testing negative. Could I be off a couple days?

On average I have a 28 day cycle with 4 day periods, occasionally I will have a 32/33 day cycle with a 5 day period and a few times even a 24 day cycle with 3.5 - 4 day period. It's possible that I could be off 2-3 days. I've used mymonthlycycles for the last two years and they have tracked everything for me, so I'm pretty sure of all the info.
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I would call the Dr and see what they have to say, they may want to do a blood test, which is more accurate.
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Thanks! I'm going to call the DR tomorrow because I just can't wait, I want to know.
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