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pregnancy after iud
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pregnancy after iud

hi I've only had my iud for about 1 month it came out after the strings got caught on a tampon. I have been having sex with my husband and I wanted to know if I could become pregnant and how soon?
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I had my IUD (Mirena) inserted on June 13, 2007 after I had my son and had it removed on July 2, 2009, it took me 39 days before I got my first period, and I know some women who it's taken 90+ days to receive their first period. Your body's just trying to get back to normal, I know how frustrating it can be while your sitting in lingo, not sure weather your pregnant or when your first period will show up, but try to be patient it will happen when the time is right! Also your body will play tricks on you after the removal that make you think that your pregnant, I myself went through these, and boy are they not fun, especially since period and pregnancy symptoms are so similar. Most women will agree that the bleeding after removal is just removal bleeding not a period. Also I know a very few women who have gotten pregnant right away after removal, so anything is possible, but most Dr's will advise you to wait at least one cycle so that your uterus lining is thick to hold the baby. It took me almost 7 months till I finally got my BFP (Big Fat Positive). Also I would start taking prenatal vitamins ASAP, my Dr told me to start taking them 3 months prior to conceiving to make sure that your body is ready to go. I am currently 32 weeks and 2 days pregnant with a healthy baby boy. Good luck and hope this helps!

Here are my stats after Mirena removal:
July 2, 2009 ~ Mirena IUD removed
July 2-10 2009 ~ Very very heavy bleeding from Mirena removal
August 10, 2009 ~ First AF after Mirena removal, 39 days it took to get it
August 10-17 2009 ~ AF normal 7 days for me prior to having Mirena inserted
September 2, 2009 ~ Positive OPK ~ 16 days after AF
September 13-20, 2009 ~ AF, didn't use OPK's this month
October 15-22, 2009 ~ AF, didn't use OPK's this month
November 18-25, 2009 ~ AF, didn't use OPK's this month
December 20-26, 2009 ~ AF, didn't use OPK's this month
January 6, 2010 ~ Positive OPK, BD using Pre-Seed found at
January 7, 2010 ~ BD without using Pre-Seed
January 17, 2010 ~ Very very faint positive (11dpo)
January 19, 2010 ~ BFP (13dpo) using a First Response Gold Digital with first morning urine, so it took me almost 7 months to finally get my BFP!

P.S . You should join the group How long did it take you to conceive after Mirena IUD removal, the women on there are very supportive and helpful..
I got my period a couple days after removal. If you do not wish to be pregnantthen get on another form of birth control and dont havd unprotected sex because it could happen.
Nobody can tell you when can you be pregnant. But definitly you have a chance to be pregnant. Baby dust on you
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