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Constant urge to take a deep breath?
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Constant urge to take a deep breath?

Hi there,
Really hoping someone can relate to my problem, since January this year, out of nowhere i started feeling the need to take a deep breath quite frequently, at least every 5-10mins (maybe less sometimes), i never have a problem achieving the full satisfactory breath, just have a persistent urge to keep doing it. Now this has now escalated for over 2 months and has brung on severe anxiety and depression. I have no energy at all and dont want to leave the house, i have insomnia too. Before all this i used to be in the gym twice a day and a very active guy. Im 28 years old, 6ft, was 16.5 stone and now 15. Lost a stone and a half in 3 months. Ive had every test from the docs. Ecg, 4 diffrent blood tests, chest x ray, heart scan (echo), 24hr holter, blood pressure is always spot on. I could list so many other symptoms but ide be here allday. I need my life back. Help!! Please!!
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Did you get your blood tested for lack of iron and vitamin B12 deficiency?

Gasping for breath can be a sign of anaemia when there is not enough red corpuscles in your body to carry oxygen round to your organs.  
Signs of anaemia are feelings of tiredness.

Other conditions that can be the cause with the symptoms you have are those of depression.

Make an appointment to see your doctor and have your blood tested for iron, B12 and other vitamin and mineral levels.  Tell your doctor your symptoms.  If the doctor suspects you may be suffering from depression, he can give you a questionnaire to fill in to determine whether you are suffering from depression.

If all tests are fine, get checked out for parasites and especially tapeworm.
Thanks for a quick response.
I will have to ask my doc if those levels have been tested within the blood tests that i have had recently done. My doctor has put all this down to depression/anxiety but i really dont believe it, i have dealt with anxiety on and off for a few years, i know what it can do. He has tried to give me anti depressants in numerous occasions but i have always refused up until now as i need to try anything because im in such a bad way. I get these uncontrollable bad moods for no reason then with no apparent or obvious reason i will snap out of it and feel normal again. This happens every other day. Do you think its worth getting a brain scan (MRI)?
Thanks again for your support
My need to take a deep breath is not gasping for air, its more like i need to fill my lungs constantly.
Im really not myself at all.
Just thought ide list some more of my symptoms:
Constant head rush when standing
Light headed/dizziness
Lack of concentration
Very frequent ringing in both ears (on & off)
Palpitations (as if my heart is dropping)
My stools are close to diarrhea every morning (same for 3 months)
Insomnia, if i do sleep, its very light sleep and for short periods
When i get the bad moods, i completely lose my appetite
Weight loss
Always feel cold and weak

I don't know anything about head scans.  This is something you would need to discuss with your doctor and depending on your symptoms whether the doctor decides that a head scan would be appropriate.

Unfortunately once you start to experience ringing in the ears (tinnitus) this can become permanent with no cure.  

Constant head rush when standing is do to with blood pressure and this can also happen if you have spinal problems in the neck.  The light headed and dizziness can also be due to too high or too low blood pressure.
As well as from ear infections.  As you say that your blood pressure is spot on, you can rule that out, but it may be a problem with the bones in your neck.  

If you have not had an xray done of your neck, your ears checked and your blood pressure checked, those things need to be done to rule things out.

Having congestion in the ears and in the sinuses can also cause your head to feel "not right".  If there is an infection an antibiotic would be prescribed, otherwise to loosen up any congestion, steam inhalations work very well.  You would need to do an inhalation with steam for about 10 minutes duration and 4 times a day.

To do a steam inhalation, boil up a kettleful of water and pour this into a bowl taking care not to get scalded.  Put some Vick or olbas oil or a few drops of menthol into the hot water.  Bend your head over the bowl and cover your head and the bowl with a towel.  Breathe in the steam through your nose and out through your mouth.  Do this for about 10 minutes duration and 4 times a day.  Doing some is better than not doing any.

Your other symptoms can be signs of other medical problems.  You really need to make an appointment and show your doctor the list of symptoms.

Because you always feel weak and have lost weight, it would be a good idea to get a blood test done to check your thyroid levels.

As you have had your heart checked out and things are fine there, you can rule that out.

Trying to gasp for air to fill your lungs can be due to asthma.  A lung function test that can be done at the appointment would indicate if you have asthma or not.  Sometimes a doctor may refer you to have a lung function test done at the hospital.

The problem with the stools, may be due to what you are eating and drinking or from being anxious as well as from other causes.

If you do not wish to go on antidepressants, ask the doctor to refer you to counselling.  Because you get bad moods, anger management and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) may suit you.

Lack of concentration can be from being dehydrated, having low levels of Vitamin B12 (this can be checked by having a blood test), stress, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, too much alcohol, being on some medications or drugs.

Eat a healthy and well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat, fish.  Drink at least 2 litres of water each day, this is the amount that is usually recommended.  You may drink more if you sweat a lot.

Cut out or cut down on junk, sugary and processed foods.  Processed foods are "ready made meals" and foods in tins and jars etc.

Cut out or cut down on fizzy drinks and alcohol.  Limit your coffee and don't drink tea or coffee or any other caffeinated drinks for a couple of hours before going to bed.  This will keep you awake.  If you like hot milk, have a drink of that or a hot chocolate to help you calm down before bedtime.

If you do feel cold, take a warm bath.  Wear more thinner layers of clothing rather than 1 thick jumper.

If you notice that your urine is a dark colour - you are not drinking enough water.  If you notice that your urine is cloudy and may smell strongly, that could be a urinary infection.  A doctor's visit would need to be made to check things out, but in any event it is important to drink your water.
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