Electric shock feeling in throat, dryness, restriction
by Bob_Wales, Nov 29, 2009
A few years ago I started having throat problems. I had my right tonsil removed as there was a cyst on it but it took a long time for things to settle down. I had a constant patch of dryness on the right hand side of throat, around the Adam's apple area and evry now and then I would get an electric shock-like feeling which would last a second or two. One night it lasted more like a minute and in the darkness I could aslo see a squiggle of light which increased with the feeling and abated when it went. I have had various tests, including barium meals and cameras down the throat but nothing has shown up. Finally it went on its own.
However, in the last few days it has come back with a vengance. It started with the electric shock feeling, a few times an hour, then the dry patch in throat again, but last night me breathing was effected and I woke up with a sensation of my throat being closed. I don't have confidence in my local GP (or indeed ENT in my hospital) as they tend to think it is a nervous disorder, which I am positive it is not. I am of the opinion it is something to do with the discs in my neck. I did have an accident many years ago which compressed and damaged my neck discs. Is it possible they are causing this? Has anyone ever experienced an electric shock-like sensation (much like a scratching pain) in their throat and noticed it effected their vision (in the dark)?
This is a chronic problem that I hope hasn't taken hold again and am desperate to find an answer.
Thanks for your time
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by racer99, Jun 26, 2011
I to have been having these shock like symptoms in my throat. It started abouut 9 years ago and I tried to clear my throat as I thought I had something in my throat but it only happens odd times when I swallow. Finally I tried to clear my throat a few times and I actually had a cough attack which actually closed my throat right off for a few moments and I felt as if I was choking. I then went to the emergency and they checked me out and said they found nothing and that I needed to use breathing exercises, in through my nose and out from the mouth. Of course this seemed to help but every so often it would come back and I babied it until I got through the symptoms again. As of right now it has come back again and I just had a choking attack this morning as I have a slight cold and had to cough to clear my throat. I'm a singed in a band and this scares the crap out of me as I have a show to perform in 5 days. It feels like electrical shocks in my throat on my left side approx 3/4 of the way down my throat.
by robert_idp, Jun 26, 2012
I have been having the same issue for several months now. It strikes out of nowhere and lasts for a few seconds but sometimes a little longer. You're right, it scares the crap out of you.

Mine is accompanied by a dry cough and I have been having a ringing in my ears. I have had dental work done and wondered if it wasn't a damaged nerve from a tooth extraction, but it's really down in my throat.

I have also had some issues with acid reflux, and thought possibly my esophagus may have been damaged, I have been taking omeprazole and that has aleved my acid reflux, but done nothing for this sensation.

I have also gone to an ear nose and throat specialist who ran a camera through my nose and down my throat, he has found nothing wrong with it, examined my lymph nodes and found no signs of cancer.

I am so scared because no one seems to know what this is, can anyone help us?