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Clarification Needed


Can you please reply to my questions below:

I had sex with a CSW yesterday, it was all protected oral and vaginal and very brief

Condom was intact - checked it 2 times after am done

What is the chance of contracting any STD as per the above exposure?

Do I have to worry about anything?

Are condoms safe against STD's like chlymedia, HIV, HPV, herpes, etc.... ?

Is is true that some viruses penetrate latex condoms and you might get the above mentioned STD's?

I think i have a phobia of STD's and need some reassurance


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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.
Generally one can consider condoms safe and provided they remain in place and intact, there is no risk of contracting an STD.  However herpes and HPV are the ones that een with the use of condoms, there is a risk of transmission, especially around the areas not covered by the condom as they are very contagious and would only require skin to skin contact.
Best wishes,
Dr José
Thanks for your prompt reply

I believe from the reply above, I should test for Herpes and HPV.

After how long shall i test for these?

I know what herpes is, and i know that it stays in the system right?

but what is hpv? is it very dangerous?

Oh and one more question

after sex, i washed my penis with water only and after 20 min i applied some antibacterial on the groin area.

i showered the next day cause i just fell asleep

will this increase HPV and Herpes possibility?

Washing will not have any effect on HPV or herpes infection.

You can read some good information about HPV here

You can test for herpes infecation by having a blood test 12 weeks after the episode.

best wishes, Sean
I don't want to abuse your generosity, and am very calm now but I would require some reassurance so please bare me with one last answer:

Protected sex with condoms intact is 100percent safe for HIV right?

No medical reason for testing

I got sick 4 days after exposure, flu which I will not relate to ars as this is too early for such symptom right?

I am in country where HIV is a taboo and no testing is warranted unless the health ministry knows about it, so no need to bother with testing and losing sleep over this right? I am going on a vacation in 4 weeks and I wil test there I hope the duo test is available for peace of mind.

Yes or no will do for the above :)

Thanks for your help and support.

Best regards
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