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Using Saliva to masturbate.
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Using Saliva to masturbate.

I was yesterday with a tranny.
She took her saliva and put it into my penis head to start masturbation.
That was only for 10 seconds.
Then she put me the condom and she performed oral sex.( With Condom)
Whats my risk of catch any STD ( Gonorrea, Chlamydia, or siphilis) just for the saliva on my penis head for the litle mastubation episode?
Sorry about my english.
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Good Morning

The chances of you cathcing anything are possible, but extremely unlikely.

You will not catch HIV this way so you can forget that one straightaway.

I have had patients who have caught diseases such as gonorrhoea and syphilis in situations like this so it is possible - although, as I say, very unusual. You would in addition only contract these diseases if she had them in her mouth.

If you are concerned then you should see a doctor locally and explain to him or her. You can test for chlaydia and gonorrhoea after 5 or so days using modern PCR testing and syphilis after 28 days using modern IgG or IgM tests.

Best wishes for 2010,

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Thanks Sean,
Last question about the chance to catch HIV from oral sex.
I was involved in a protected incertive and receptive oral sex 11 weeks ago. Yes with Condoms.
My fear is that i never saw the condom brand and date of expiration when i was performing.
The intercourse only was oral sex without ejeculation for 2 minutes more less and with a unknown condom brand and quiality.
I never feel the condom was broken or taste any precum during the oral sex.
I went to a infectology doctor and he recommend me to take a PCR Cualitative.
I never took it becuase my biggest fear its that i read about this kind of test and its carry a lots of false positive, so im wating for 2 more weeks to take a 13 weeks elisa.
In the worst escenario with a old condom without ejaculation, my question its,  what its my real risk?
What would be your advice?
Now i have took a 4th generation with p24 elisa at 4 weeks and 3th generation elisa 5 weeks both negative.
It is encouriging?
I know oral sex carry no risk, Thats a fact!
But if the condom was used, imagine 1 o 2 hours ago before my intercourse recepetive oral sex, any fluid outside the condom ( The part i sucked) will be dried and then any fluid expoused to air lose the capacity of infection right?
My anxiety its that i never saw when my parner open the condom, so my irracional fear its what happend if the condom was old or used hours ago.
Y only see when he put it on, just was les than 2 minutes receptive oral sex without ejaculation.
If the condom was used hours ago any risk was minimize because any fluid were expoused to the air?
I know its a stupid question because re use a condom It's not easy. I really rather doubt this happened. But because i never see when he take out the condom im thinking the worst.
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Sean do you need that i repost my last question in HIV- International Forum to get an Answer?
Please let me know.
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Please Sean could you please answer my question??
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Hello again,

You are HIV negative - as established by the HIV tests you have had - so you can stop worrying about all the other bits. They are all irrelevant pieces of information that do not change the facts.

One point you should note before I close this thread - and that is that whilst being sucked poses virtually zero risk of HIV transmission it does offer the opportunity for other STD's such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphilis and herpes to spread.

Best regards, Sean

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