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Urethra itch and anal itch
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Urethra itch and anal itch

I'm 27, male. Sufferring from urethra itch (last 1.5 years) and anal itch (last 3 years).

I've visited several times different doctors, and following problems were found out and solved:

1.lambliasis in bile duct. cured with mcmirror and other antibiotics. lamblias were removed, itch still stayed
2. chronic Herpes and Cytomegalovirus. Took antivurs therapy, checked again for viruses, viruses didn't decrease. itch was not cured
3. disbacteriosis. cured for half a year with different probiotics. disbacterios was cured, anal itch was significantly disappeared, but urethra itch still stayed
4. chronic hepatitis B. Had it when I was 6 years old. doctor just recommended a diet. itch still stayed

Apart from that, there was another suspects from doctors:
1. diabetes. - bloot test showed negative result
2. sexual transmitted infections. - bloot test didn't find anything except chronic herpes and cytamegalovirus
3. prostate problems. - ultrasound diagnostic showed that the size and condition of prostate is normal.
4. kidneys problems. - ultrasound diagnostic and urine test showed that it's normal
5. allergy too food. - doctors just recommended me not to eat anything which causes itch. creams such as triderm was precribed
6. immune deficit. - blood test showed that it's normal
7. haemorrhoids. - no patology in rectum was found
8. hygene problems. - washing everyday, changing underwear every 2 days, wear only cutton.
9. nervous system problems. - have quite tempreament. no considerable stress

Another details:
1. itch is getting more intense if I eat sweet food: all sugar containging food (cakes, chocolates, ice-cream, banana, etc) and citrus fruits (orange, kiwi, etc). the reaction can start in 20-30 minutes
2. itch is ususally more intense in the night. sometimes i can't sleep because of that until 4 am.
3. practicing homosexual contact, stable partner for the last 2 years. but doctors don't know that.

What can be the reason of the itch? Is it possible that doctors missed some desease specifically applicable to gays?
Thank you in advance
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have you treated for fungal infections at all?

you know this isn't std related. you've covered those bases.  not really much else we can help you with.  breaking the itch cycle can be difficult but it's not related to herpes ( herpes will not cause you to itch all the time for 3 years ) or any other std.  

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i have anal itch been tested for herpes it was negative. the itch comes off and on what could it be. i take steriods could it be the cause
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Start a thread dedicated to your question and it will be answered.
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