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Need some advice, PID (Supposingly)
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Need some advice, PID (Supposingly)

Need some advice please, Sorry its long but please take time to read :)

I decided to have my regular check-up at the sexual health clinic in April. I didn't have any symptoms but thought i would have a check as I have had sex with a new sexual partner (who is now my boyfriend). My results came back as positive for Chlamydia. I have never had an STI and was seriously shocked to have caught one. After a day of upset and arguing with my new man, we sorted it out. We both were treated with antibiotics and we had strong will power and didn't have sex for 7 days (I actually made him wait 10 days to be safe). I didn't suffer with any symptoms before hand, but after taking my antibiotics I started to get vaginal irritation and a strange discharge. I was told that my symptoms can take 2 weeks to clear, so i thought nothing of it.

Everything seemed to be getting back on track with my sexual health - until .... My partner told me at that he vomited within a hour of taking his antibiotics (and he didn't bother telling me!!). So the likely-hood of me and him still having Chlamydia was high! I made yet another appointment at the clinic to get more treatment for me and my partner. Those tablets are very yukky and the second lot of antibiotics did make me feel very ill. The nurse said that she was reluctant to give me a second dose so soon after my first lot as it could make the infection become immune to it? but i was persistent and took them! Me and my partner had to go through the same cycle and waited for the antibiotics to finish, by the time we could have sex again I lost all confidence on having sex so i haven't since and i plan to get a full screening done at the end of July!

During June I started to get some symptoms: Constipation, regular headaches, sharp pain in the womb area, lower back pain, pain when trying to sit down and my vagina went very dry. I didn't think too much into it as i had a lot on my mind with work. During end of June and the beginning of July my symptoms started to grow:

-Abdominal pain
-vaginal burning sensation
-sharpe shooting pain around cervix
- Irregular bleeding (lost count on what day i am due)
- Achy pains down the back of my legs
-extreme high fever
-felt very sick
-loss of appetite (and i am usually a good eater)
-extreme fatigue

I couldnt bare the pain/irritation anymore so on Jul 13th I made YET another appointment thinking that i still had Chlamydia. I feel so embarrassed when visiting the clinic, they must thing i am an irresponsible child (and they do look disgusted in me). The nurses at the clinic ignore my worry and they don't seem helpful at all. The nurse took more swabs and took notes of my symptoms, she decided to treat me for PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) 14days of antibiotics. The first few days of taking the tablets were horrible :( very sickly. I was looking forward to my symptoms to clear - after the 4th day, nothing cleared up.... and the same when the 10th day came, but now I have more symptoms:

- Numbness in my middle fingers, cold tingly sensations in both hands leasing up my arms.
- The pain around my uterus is more intense
- Pain when going to the toilet - urinating and the number2
- Shooting pain up my anus :(
- Indigestion type pain after eating
- Struggling to breath at times
- My throat and neck seem very tense, loosens when i drink or swallow (think this might be due to anxiety)

I called the clinic this morning WITH EXTREME CONCERN - they didn't seem interested and said that the antibiotics can take up to another week to clear symptoms. Yesterday i woke up with the flu, :( and that's not helping! I have 2 more days of antibiotics, so i will let them take its course.  After being rudely spoken to by the GUM nurse, i called my doctor and explained everything to him. He has been very helpful and has arranged to do further investigations this Wednesday 25th. (possibly more swabs-  i dont know :S)

I needed to let this all out and speak to people who are experience the same or a similar issue... i am scared

thank you for taking the time to read this
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All these symptoms I don't see as STD related, not sure what is going on.
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