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Oral herpes on tongue? White tastebuds. Valtrex not working
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Oral herpes on tongue? White tastebuds. Valtrex not working

I've had genital herpes for 11 years. Except for the first extremely painful few months, I've luckily had only mild outbreaks about once every two years, just tiny blisters or papercut-like cuts that went away after a few weeks. I took acyclovir during the first outbreak (OB) and valtrex several times over the years.

After ending a long relationship about 4 months ago, I began taking lysine daily. I also took one small course of Valtrex because I felt the "tingles' that usually come before an OB. A few weeks later, I had an OB and since then have had more "tingles" than ever.

I wondered if the Valtrex actually triggered an OB! I've heard about people becoming resistant to it. But I've always followed the prescription to a T.

I then went back on Valtrex and have stayed on it after meeting a new partner, who happens to be the best kisser I've ever met. I have been on it for about 40 days.

But for more than 30 days, I've been getting what seem like inflamed, painful tastebuds--whiter than other tastebuds. At first I thought it was like a tiny sore I used to get, even as a kid, when I was eating too much junk food.

But more keep appearing. After a day or two, the soft, white bumps disappear, and what's left seems like a slightly reddish, shallow hole in my tongue

Sometimes they bumps are clustered near each other. Once a part of the tongue heals, the bumps appear on other parts of my tongue.

Sugary foods make it feel even worse. Citrus stings. Talking and eating hurt.

You can barely see the whitish bump or the "hole." Most people would look at the tongue and not think it looks unusual. But when I rinse with hydrogen peroxide, the tastebuds get even whiter for a few minutes.

If this is herpes, why isn't Valtrex working? Why is it getting worse when I increase the dosage from one to two pills per day?

I've told new sex partners in advance of becoming intimate, and nobody has ever not been with me due to herpes. I haven't been tested for HSV2 or HSV1 because my Dr. said it's expensive and not worthwhile.

Dr. Handsfield told this person that his tongue white spots aren't HSV2 because it's so rare:
I suspect the Dr. is wrong. Don't the white tastebuds sound like tiny herpes blisters?

Just because it's rare doesn't mean it never happens! For instance, twin births only happen about 1 percent of the time. That doesn't mean twins don't exist. Can someone please help me understand what's happening?

I'm feeling depressed because I can't kiss this person I really like. I'm embarrassed to tell him now that I suspect this is herpes, especially now that I may have exposed him to it unknowingly!! It was bad enough to disclose genital herpes, but to have genital herpes on my mouth feels even sleazier.

We were being as safe as possible, using condoms, etc., and I don't have obvious genital symptoms.

I had cold sores on my mouth as a child sometimes in the winter (likely HSV1), but they haven't returned since age 13 or so.

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Avatar n tn
In case it wasn't clear in my original post above, I plan to tell my partner what's happening with my mouth. Should he go on Valtrex just in case he's been exposed to HSV through me, whether orally or genitally? Would it even help him? I feel so guilty that he might get this even though I thought I was being careful and honest. What can I do to make it better? Is it too late? Ughhhh  :(  Really sad.
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This doesn't sound at all like oral herpes, but you should google geographic tongue.  It sounds a lot like that.

Avatar n tn
auntiejessi, thanks for writing. I looked up geographic tongue, but it doesn't sound or look like what I'm experiencing.

Another thing I just realized: I'd been having bad dental pain for a couple of months, which resulted in a root canal. Could that dental trauma be related to what seems like tiny tastebud-size herpes blisters on my tongue?

The root canal was because orthodontic work long ago led to a very recessed gum. That tooth's nerve was so sensitive that I could barely touch it, and it ate away at the tooth from within over the years. To save the dead tooth, I had to get the root canal.
101028 tn?1419606604
Herpes lesions on the tongue usually only occur during the initial infection. Recurrences only on the tongue would be highly unusual.

This doesn' t sound like a herpes issue which also explains why valtrex isn't doing diddly for it.  follow up with your dentist or doctor to find out what might be going on.

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