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Please someone help me
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Please someone help me

Dear all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me out? I am in dire straights. I have been going through mental agony now for two years because of this. Seriously, I can hardly sleep, relax my mind or concentrate on my normal day to day activities as I am under this huge mental burden. So here goes my story. If anyone can help me I would truly appreciate it and May God Bless you all:

Here is a brief history of myself.I never had sex before this untimely incident. I was waiting for marriage. yes I would make out with my girlfriend but never go inside her as I waiting for marriage. One day after a really bad day at work and in my life I was at home when some friends came by with beers. NOw I have never paid for sex as I do not believe in paying for something that should be natural. Well my friends that day called a sex worker over. As I was really drunk they convinced me to indulge with her. Well that sex worker gave me oral sex ( i was wearing a condom then) as well as for some dumb odd reason I gave her oral sex too. Now I have never had knowledge of HIV or stds i had no idea never haven been given the birds and the bees lecture by my parents. Anyways to make a long story short she grinded me but I could not keep up the erection. We tried missionary but again I could not keep up the erection. Maybe I was too drunk. I just could not . At the end she got fed up too and for some reason the condom was wet so at the end i told her to throw it off and grind me. Well she grinded me for about 2 minutes but as I could not maintain an erection she jumped off me and went to one of my other guy friends in the other room and took care of him instead. I washed myself immediately. Well on a side note one other thing that was curious about her was that throughout the incdent she would run into the bathroom every five minutes. I could not understand what the hell she was doing in there but every five minutes she would run into the bathroom. Quite wierd.

Okay so for three days I did feel anything. Then all of a sudden  the maddness started.  One night I got the most intense stomach cramps I have ever had the worst cramps ever in the world. I shat out everything I had at 4am. The intense diarrhea continued for about a week. I also felt a shortness of breath and of course I lost weight about 7 pounds for a week and my skin got extra sensitive. ( I already have sensitive skin but this was worse).  I never really got any fever just 99 for  about a day. I have never had fevers or night sweats or palpitations. But the shortness of breath remained really badly and only one year after the incident improved abit.  Well in addition to this my hair started falling and also I have been feeling very week. I am an athlete. I play tennis everyday and also go running three times a week and lift weights. But all of these activities have become much harder for me to do since that stupid incident. I have to push myself to accomplish all of these activities.  

I got 20 black spots which resemble beauty spots that people get on their bodies. I have gotten them most on my arms and some on my legs. In addition my joins pain and have started clicking as well. Almost all the time.  I have bad knee pains on my right knee. And also my shoulder area pains. But the worst pains are what is troubling me. I have pains in the area of my right kidney area constantly and recently the pains have started in my left kidney area as well as my liver area. These pains come and go but the right kidney area pain is constant. Now coupled with all this I get severe constipation sometimes and other times I get diarrhea . Its so weird these types of things had never happened to me before ever, but it seems now they are a part of my daily life.

But the worst symptom of all is my constant urination. It has gotten so bad now that I pee about 20 times a day without jokes. Yes I drink about 3 litres of water every day. But still I cannot retain my urine for some odd reason but always have to urinate immediately after drinking any liquid. Then immediately after urinating I feel thirsty and have to drink liquid again. It is crazy. The urinating problem is the worst symptom.

Okay now I come to the medical tests I have taken:

1. HIV TEST 2 months after incident. It came negative (0.31) where if it turns 1 then you are positive.
2. HIV TEST 3 Months after incident. It again came negative with a value of (0.32).
3. HIV test 4 months after incident . Negative with a value of 0.23.
4. HIV test 5 months after incident. Negative with a value of 0.22
5. HIV test 7 months after incident. Negative with a value of 0.09

Negative for Hep B but anti bodies positive. Doc says maybe I was inoculated before when I was a kid  that’s why anti body so high. But negative for HEP B.
Negative for HEP C.

VDRL TEST 2 months after incident it came negative with a value of 8 where the maximum is 15.

I had my liver tested 3 months after incident ALT was slightly high but they said due to some recent infection maybe. 6 Months later liver test again came out fine with ALT normal.

Kidney tests. I had my kidney tests and they came out normal. I had an ultrasound done of kidney and that came out normal too. Doc said kidney healthy but some shadow near right kidney doesn’t know what it was but kidney fine.

Had ECG done of heart they said heart fine. And the doctors at both the kidney place and the heart place said why am I there. Since both kidney and heart was fine.

Now it is 2 years since that incident. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME? I REALLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT I HAVE. I had gone to the doctors before my second HIV test and he said I do not have HIV at all and was calling me crazy. I told him doc these are the symptoms I have. Why would I B E MAKING IT UP. Do YOU THINK I want to waste  your time and my mental health on all these tests if I did not feel really sick. Well he checked my blood pressure and it was high for sure. HE SAID he wants to wait a few days before prescribing me blood pressure medicine. As than I would have to have it for the rest of my life . Also my blood tests for the kidney s showed high uric acid in my blood which for me is a sign of HIV . The doc then prescribed me XYLORIC 300mg and my uric acid came down to normal levels and has stayed that way ever since. I started having them after my 3 month HIV test all the way till my 7 month HIV test. In my mind the HIV readings were coming down because of the acidity medicine I was having.

I am still convinced I have HIV FOR SURE. I really do not know why the tests are coming negative (thank God) but I want to know if I do not have HIV then what the hell Do I have. Which STD has these symptoms of frequent urination. Gastrointestinal problems as well high blood pressure, joint pains, muscle loss and generally feeling unwell. Also I always feel like eating sugary stuff constantly.

Please please please someone help me out and tell me If I have HIV or not . I def think I do . And for someone who never indulged in those kinds of activities it is truly soul destroying and heart breaking. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME OUT AND LET ME KNOW IF I HAVE HIV AND IF I DO NOT HAVE HIV THEN WHAT DO I HAVE  . PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME OUT AND TELL ME WHAT DO I HAVE WHAT DO I HAVE?

After the incident my vitamin d levels were low too but doc prescribed me three vitamin d injections and my vitamin d level is normal now.

Please somebody be an angel and help me out.

I will appreciate it greatly.

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Most if not all of your symptoms sound nothing like an std, except for the kidney pain which could indicate a UTI.

You did indulge in risky behavior but if your HIV test comes back negative after 2 years then you need to let go and just relax.  Your stress and agonizing anaylzing is probably causing your body to create these symptoms.  I dont want this to sound mean but you are completely hysteric and I understand it is frustrating when you go to the doctor and they find nothing wrong, but I think you need to take another route with you diagnosis
because this sounds nothing like an STD to me.
To idiot348 I do not appreciate you calling me mad. Just because a person is feeling some stuff does not give you the right to call me mad.

To  Kaylerson.... Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my post and to respond to it. I highly appreciate it. Kaylerson let me be clear I did not mention that I will take another HIV test now. Honestly I cannot handle the stress of it at all. Taking the test 5 times the last time after 7 months of the incident was more than enough. Some experts on this medhelp site seem to think that three months time is more than enough and that 7 months was  more than enough. I am however going to go and have a chlaymydia and gonnorea test. Though. Those are the tests I need to have I feel. I have already had a vdrl test two months after my incident and the values came 8 out of a max 15 which supposedly meant I did not have any supposed desease.
I have two questions for you kaylerson
1. Do you think I need to get one more HIV test(frankly I do not think I could stomach it). 7 months negative after the incident I assumed was enough.

2. And since you do not think These are std symptoms what could it be. Because all this started 2 days after my incident.

Thank you Kaylerson
1) 3 months is conclusive
2) Thsi is a STD community, we can not speculate on what it could be if it is not STD related. i will back up what has been told, this is not STD related.

I deleted that post from idiot because it has no place here.

Thank you Vance for such a measured and mature response.
1. Obviously I truly am elated that it is not HIV.
2. I really want to know what the hell it is that I have then since you guys think it is not HIV. Because after my hiv test i fooled around with my girlfriend as my test came negative and now she is having irregular periods, massive hairfall, and feeling fatigued all the time WHICH ARE SYMPTOMS OF A WOMAN HAVING STDS. She is saying she never felt that way before just like I have never felt the way I am feelling before. So now I am scared to even touch her or fool around with her because I think I have something.
3. I really do not know what the hell it is I have. I guess I will have to do the chlamydia test and gonorrea test and maybe another vdrl test. If they come back negative then I guess I have to keep shooting in the dark till I find out what the hell it is that I HAVE. Since all this started two days after my risky incident. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. And thank you Vance once again. God Bless you.
2. Irregular periods can be for many things other then STD's. massive hairfall??? You mean hair loss? Fatigued is not really a specific STD symptom either.
3. I would just keep folowing up with a Dr and drop the idea of STD's.
2. i would agree that irregular periods can be for many other things than STDS and massive hairloss and really, really intense fatigue. The only problem with this theory is that these symptoms began after I fooled around with her a few months after that she felt these symptoms.

3. I will keepfollowing up with the doctors. I cannot get stds out of my head because Vance my symptoms began 3 days after  my risky incident. You see it is too coincedental. That is the problem I have.
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