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Receiving Oral Sex
I had received oral sex from a CSW and today is already the 13 days.

The 2nd day morning after receiving oral sex, both my penis and anus. I notice a slightly pink raised skin about 1/2 cm at the right side of my penis head. If I stretched the penis head skin, I can only see white normal skin as the surrounding penis head. There is no pain / no itchy at all.

Today is Day 13 since my last exposure. The 1/2 cm raised skin is flat and white/grossly colour, no more pink. If I stretch the penis head skin, it is flat.

I have seen a GP, he told me is not STD, is merely due to abrasion. The GP said it will back to normal say 7-10 days, but now is already 13 days. The GP told me maybe is because due to the area is always kept inside the pant, it may takes longer time to recover.

I have the following questions:

(a) Can any STD appears in less than 12 hours?
(b) Is this HPV wart? Can HPV warts infected the Penis and Anus through receiving oral sex?
(c) I have tested I have HSV-1, is this HSV-1 recurrence?
(d) How long it will take to recover back to normal surrounding skin condition?
(e) Already Day 13, am I safe for Gonorhea, NGU and Syphilis?
(f) If I take a Penilclin, can I prevent Syphilis??

Please reply fast, I am nervous and scare.

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