Small Hard Bump on Penile Shaft...
by WorriedCornelius, May 12, 2010
I recently found a small pimple-like bump on my penile shaft. At first I just thought it was a pimple, but it never developed a head with puss. I began to worry about the bump so I decided to squeeze it. A small amount of white stuff came out of it. I felt relieved that it was probably a pimple so I continued to squeeze. When I squeezed harder the bump came off and my penis began to bleed. What was inside the bump was a small whitish ball that was hard. It didn't hurt at all even when it was bleeding, in fact I didn't even realize I was until I looked back down. What could this have been?

I am a 22 year old and haven't had sex in over two months. I've never experienced anything like this before. I am a bit worried at this point because if it was a wart or something it may spread now that I picked it off, right?
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by Healthadvisory, May 12, 2010
Did it look like a cauliflower? Warts often times look like cauliflower. Herpes can look like that. When it comes to bumps and growths the only person who can diagnose it is a doctor who looks at it. Bumps can be many things, often not std related.
by WorriedCornelius, May 12, 2010
It didn't look like a cauliflower, but more like a button, as in a flat top. There was one single bump and it was no bigger than a small pimple. I am going to go get tested soon, but I just wanted to find out if I should be really worried. I am pretty confident that it isn't an STD, but I can't shake it out of my head. To be honest, I have been very miserable for the past four days worrying about this. I have been getting headaches and back pains since I noticed it and I can't sleep well.