was this a pimple? herpes?
by t0ri111, Aug 17, 2007
I found a little bump on the outer lips of my vagina. It itched and there was only one. About a week after I noticed it, it seemed to have a head as if it was a pimple, and I was able to pop it. (gross, I know). The bump is not raised anymore, and seems to be going away, although it itches a little still.

Could this have possibly been a pimple? I'm really scared it was a herpes outbreak, which I've never had and am not sure what it'd look like. I would think that if I had an outbreak it would be more than one bump, right? And are herpes bumps able to be popped like a pimple? Anyone else ever get a pimple down there? Ah I'm freaking out.
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by BlueEyedOne, Aug 17, 2007
It sounds to me like it is just a pimple thing.  I have had them few times before too.  Especially if you shave.  That really doesnt sound like herpes. But if you think you may actually have a chance of having herpes, like having unprotected sex, you should get tested just to be sure.  But it sounds like nothing.  
by tcpx, Aug 22, 2007
I have something similar too.

It's like a dome. At first it looked like a dome, and now I think it has a white spot.

I don't know if it's the fluid of a pimple, a white spot that was there already because of Fordyce's spots that I have all over my groin area, or a herpes infection.

I only have one also, I haven't noticed any others. Also I went to get tested for Herpes, as well as HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, etc. 4 weeks/28 days after my last protected sexual encounter. And I tested Negative for everything.

I'm a basically in the clear? The only odd thing I noticed is that one bump. No other symptoms. Just that one bump. It's driving my mad just thinking there's still a possibility it could be Herpes or any other STD.
by tcpx, Aug 22, 2007
Anybody know what we have? Is it nothing?
by t0ri111, Aug 22, 2007
I do shave, so maybe that has something to do with it. Could it be an ingrown hair? It is still there, but doesn't itch anymore really.

I, too, only have one bump and no other symptoms. Don't herpes break out in clusters? I thought it would be gone by now =/
by bad_choices, Aug 22, 2007
Easiest way to know at this point is to have a Herpes blood test.  Quick, relatively painless, and you will know for sure.  In general though:

* Herpes may appear as a single blister or multiple
* Typical herpes looks like a blister, not a pimple (think about a blister you get on your heel from tight shoes)
* Herpes tends to recur in the same place -- have you had something like this in this spot before?
* Itching is one possible symptom -- but ingrown hairs itch too!

Get the blood test just to be sure.
by tcpx, Aug 22, 2007
I did, before. I don't think is was in the same spot, but in the same area (The outerskin near the head of the penis). But I was a virgin then.

Right now, it looks like a pimple with a what appears like solid white liquid. It looks like its starting to fade away now. But what made me think it was herpes was because of the weird shape. The dome itself is round. But when I stretch the skin to amplify the size. I notice there's a puffy area in the skin to the left of the dome.

I went to get tested 28 days after the suspected date of infection (if it is herpes) and I tested negative for everything, including Herpes.
by tcpx, Aug 22, 2007
Also, it isn't wet or oozing anything. It's dry. The white liquid I mentioned is still encased.

There's also some redness around the dome.
by t0ri111, Aug 22, 2007
This is the first time I've gotten anything like this on or even near my vagina. I haven't had any risky sexual encounters lately, but I'm gonna get checked to be safe. I'm thinking it is an ingrown hair though.

tcpx, does yours itch at all?
by frightened:(, Aug 22, 2007
I just had a pimple near my penis.  I thought it could be a herpe...  It was there one day and two days later I  can still see where it is, but it's not inflamed.  Had a STD clinic look at it today, she said it looks like a pimple, not a herpe.  I spoke with a STD specialist who said herpes tests after 2 weeks are really accurate, 4 weeks near perfect, but 3 months for fool proof.  Be aware that many people have oral herpes.  If you test and it's positive and doesn't distinguish between genital and oral... you still might just have oral...  Good luck to you.