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by jtb1966344, Aug 10, 2010
Is there something that I can take or use (pill/lotion) that can actually help me get an erection? I have a fairly normal sex drive but i have to get a shot each ;month for low testosterone. I get the feeling of wanting sex in my penis, and can get in the mood, but I have a very hard time actually gettting an erection. I've tried viagra & cialis, and they helped some, but not much and they are expensive, even with insurance. I know there are all kinds of pills out there like viswiss that make claims. but i've never tried one because I feel like most of these things are just scams. Has any one ever tried any thing that actually helped them. Please help ....... It's frustrating to want to have sex with my gf but too embarassed to even try some times.
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by Dalubaba, Aug 10, 2010
Taking drugs for sexual purposes makes you addibive and you may have some side effects. If you have some patience and will to exercise you can do some yoga practice. It will help you to improve your sex performance and enhance your sexual energy. Initialy visit the folowing website. tha aim of yoga is to conver sexual energy to spiritual or mental energy. however you can use this energy for sexual purpose  also. I past the web site as uner.
You may search the SATKRIYA and you will find many website. read them  and understand it properly. you can add some other posturs as well.. You can see Kundlini yoga sites as well. Taoist yoga also deal with the sexual energy.There is abundant literature on this yoga and sex problem Of course you will nedd patient.It is not a quick fix. If you pursue this techniques your entire life can change.I follow, It gives everything about yoga, related to all physical problems including sex. Sorry no spell check.
by Dalubaba, Aug 10, 2010
Resarch Kegel exercises. This for male and female. It is simple exercise, can be done anywher anytime. Nobody would know that your are doing some exercise. while doing intercourse you can do kegel. eachpartner can kegel each other to get differnt type of sensations.It will be a therapy as wel as performance enhanser.
You can massage your perinium- a muscle betwwen legs i.e between anus and penis. It is called hot spot. even you can veibrate it with small viebrator as a massager. You may continue taking teststeron if you are deficient in it.