Anal Stretching
by BlueJay25, Jul 27, 2011
I have been using sex toys for my anus for a while now, but only infrequently. They are rather large for the most part, all being larger or wider than the average human penis. While it sounds like a daunting task, I've found that I've been more receptive and able to handle the larger toys more easily. My worry is that my anus will permanently stretch out, and never return to its previous tightness; this is a great concern for me because, as a virgin, I'd like to be tight for the first time I receive anal from a real guy, and not all loose. I'd heard there were excercises to help keep the anal muscles tight, but I'm worried those might not work. And I'm almost sure that it's just me being paranoid, but I do feel looser than I was last year; it could easily be my imagination, though.

I can't find this information anywhere else on the internet, and all my friends and other sources give me ambiguous answers. Please, let me know if anal muscles, as long as they are stretched carefully and are undamaged, will return to their original size naturally, or if there are exercises that I need to be doing to ensure future tightness?
by Janice M Epp, PhDBlank, Aug 08, 2011

It's important to realize that the anal sphincter is tight in order to keep us from walking around embarrassed :) It's a smooth muscle which can be stretched. However, I can't tell you whether you've stretched it farther than you wish. If you're worried about this, I'd suggest you get a referral for a Gay-friendly urologist in your area and have a check-up, just to be sure. In the meantime, I can recommend an excellent book, "Anal Pleasure and Health," by Jack Morin, Ph.D., widely available online, both used and in paperback. Dr. J
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by sunseeker2, Aug 14, 2011
I too enjoy using anal toys, i started out with one about my own size and found going to one larger, they both feel good but i prefer a butt plug that massages the prostate, that wil keep it relaxed enough to streach out for most guys when the time comes and you still get the pleasure you desire without leakin