Betadine for douching
by Millstream, Oct 31, 2006
Recently ran out of my Betadine that I've used for YEARS for douching; several drugstores have discontinued inventory.  

I like the results of this product and find that now I have to order it online, but before I do, I'd like to know is there some sort of problem or reason why I too should discontinue using it?

Thank you.
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by sparkeler, Oct 31, 2006
I'm not quite sure why it's been taken off the market but I do know that douching is not good for you.  My mother has done if for years with no problems, but it can cause infections, such as Pelvic Inflammotory Disease.  Some women are more prone to infections than others, but I would advise to stop douching.  Our vaginas have natural cleansers inside.  Better safe than sorry.
by siren of the sea, Oct 31, 2006
douching isnt healthy for you. im not sure why women do douche. if we have an odor and that is why we need to see a dr. if its for after our period well let nature take its course. vaginas are self cleaning. (sounds like an oven haha) is that the stuff they used to call monkey juice? red? i read a study that said constant douching could be linked to cervical cancer. be careful.
by oceans3, Oct 31, 2006
isnt betadine used to clean medical instuments? or do i mean implements? LOL?
either way...douching is not necessary. like sailors said, our vaginas are self-cleaning. yes, like an oven!
by sk2006a, Oct 31, 2006
my gp told me years ago to douche with betadyne because of recurrent yeast infections.  i have to say that it really did help.  i know i've heard recently that you aren't supposed to douche.  why don't you check with you doc and see what he or she says?
by sdp4314, Oct 31, 2006
I know you aren't supposed to do it either, but Massengill (sp) sells a medicated douche that has betadine in it.
by siren of the sea, Oct 31, 2006
if that stuff turns you red like the old monkey juice can you imagine what our husbands would say!!
by marriedlove, Nov 06, 2006
Betadine douching is sometimes recommended by doctors (though it's apparently a relatively old-fashioned approach, these days).  It can be used to treat BV, and patients are sometimes directed to use betadine douches prior to vaginal medical procedures.  Generally, though, it doesn't seem like the best idea in the whole world to use a betadine douche--or, as others have suggested,*any* douche--routinely.  Betadine could disrupt the naturally occuring flora in the vagina, which isn't a good idea if you don't have a very good reason for risking that.  All that said, if you really do feel very strongly that you want, from time to time, to cleanse your vagina above and beyond what the body itself manages, why not try a plain water douche?  I think you can still find reusable douche bags in some drugstores, though they certainly aren't as common as they used to be.  (Fashions in healthcare change almost as rapidly as other fashions do, it seems!)

by HOUTEX76, Nov 06, 2006
Wal-Mart sales betadine.
I recently had a yeast infection and used betadine and it cleared my infection.