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Hyperthyroid or hypopituitary

I was diagnosed as hypothyroid in 08. My TSH was 8.942 (.3 - 4.5) and FT4 was 0.9 (.89 - 1.8)

TSH has always been all over the place but my FT4 tends to be on the low side.

My most recent labs have caused concern. TSH is .016 (.3 - 4.5) and FT4 is .76 (.89 - 1.8). Both very low.

My DR says I have a pituitary issue and raised my Armour dosage and said to retest in 1 month.

My question: Is it possible that I'm just getting too much hormone and have become hyper? I don't feel hyper at all. I actually feel pretty good for the first time in a while. I have worked really hard to lose 50lbs and have changed my diet. Also my Dr had me on phentermine for a little while. Can that effect lab testing?

I just have a hard time believing that it's a pituitary issue. What blood tests should I have to help confirm this?

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NO - this (thinking pituitary problem) is a misinterpretation of the low T4 and low TSH -- a very common finding for patients on Armour (pig thyroid is not the same as human thyroid!).  The combination of phentermine and excessive armour (as evidenced by low TSH) can cause heart problems.  
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