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Neck pain, sore throat with thyroid cysts/nodules?
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Neck pain, sore throat with thyroid cysts/nodules?

Hello all you thyroid sufferers. Let me first say that I have a total appreciation of what you go through. For the last several months I have been experiencing neck pain, some swelling, sore raspy throat feeling, pain in the ears, jaw and just about every possible symptom of hypo and hyperthyroid.  The only lab work done is as follows:
TSH. 0.771
         Normal range based on Labcorp 0.450 - 4.500
Triiodothyronine, free, serum.   2.9
         Normal range 2.0 - 4.4
T4, free, direct.        1.34
         Normal range 0.82 - 1.77

U/S of the thyroid showed several small cysts, both lobes with heterogeneous density.  The nurse originally called with the results and said my thyroid was a little high but the doctor later told me it was fine.   Meanwhile the symptoms in the neck have intensified. Is it normal to have a sore throat and pain with this. Can someone please give me their opinion on what is going on?  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Any insight would be appreciated.
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The thyroid labs are normal and there is no clear reason for thyroid medication at this point. The heterogeneous texture on ultrasound brings up the possibility of thyroid inflammation, but if the labs are this normal, medication is not likely to help.  Would repeat neck ultrasound in 3-6 months to confirm no change, but otherwise monitor thyroid labs and continue to look for other causes of your symptoms.
I also had fatigue with this..and for some apparent reason the bottom of my feet always hurt..I was suggested to get a glucose test done and a sugar done by my endocrinologist..Some times I get a raspy sore throat but not all the time...I would have the doctor look at the lymph nodes also..I did find a site on this..because many years ago I had a lumpectomy done thank God it was benign..and now I have hypothyroid problems.. guess it's part of me getting old :) I was reading this also maybe it can help you better>> Thyroid Cancer Symptoms › ... › Thyroid Diseases › Thyroid CancerThyroid cancer doesn't always have symptoms, so it can be hard to detect and diagnose. ... Some people, though, may notice a lump in the front of their neck. ... your jaw) become swollen when you have a cold or sore throat, for example. ... Throat Pain: Similar to neck pain, if you have throat pain that won't go away, you ...
It's very possible that you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis which is an autoimmune condition.  This can be determined by testing of the TPO, TSI and Thyrogobulan (sp?) antibodies and even more definitively by an FNA (which can be hard to get if you don't have might be able to get one since you have cysts).  Many of us with Hashi's suffer many symptoms with normal thyroid labs.  Many docs will not treat until your TSH goes out of range and that can take from months to years.  So you are left suffering until then.    

I have Hashi's and I have neck, jaw and ear pain just as you describe.  Sometimes I have a flare that will leave me not being able to even move my neck for a few days it's so tight and painful.  Oh and I also have the chronically gravely hoarse voice.

Lucky for me..I TSH and other thyroid levels are out of range, so I qualify for thyroid replacement.  

I hope this helps some.  
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