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Pain and trouble swallowing
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Pain and trouble swallowing

I have been having trouble with swallowing for about a year now and my voice is hoarse from time to time..(now has been hoarse all the time)  I was referred to ENT in Feb and he told me my throat issues were all in my head and he saw nothing.  I also have a family history of thyroid issues.  Mom, two sisters and a niece are all hashi and two of them have had thyroid cancer.  

My swallowing issues have gotten progressivly worse...I had the ct scan done because I am having weird tingling shock like feelings in my neck arms and face.  Since seeing the ENT in Feb...there is a noticable lump on the left side of my neck.  

I had an ultrasound performed 6 days ago due to doctor finding a thyroid nodule on the ct scan.  The scan was performed because I have been having shock type pains through neck, shoulders, arms and face.  I still do not have any results yet....have tried up until Friday to get hold of my doctor due to pain developing in my neck.  

The left side of my neck is pretty swollen...there is a very tender spot where the nodule is.  (I can feel the nodule when I touch my neck).  I am having an extreemly hard time swallowing, and turning my neck.  I have barley any is very weak.  My mouth is very dry even though I drink lots of water.  

I have been trying to get a hold of my doctor all of today.  I live in Lakeland, Florida and can't get anyone to listen to me.

Concerned about the increasing pain everyday.  Any suggestions, advice, or anything is appreciated.  Thanks so much.  

My latest lab work from Feb 2008:

TSH 3rd generation          1.67
t3 total                            106
t4 free                               0.9

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You may need a needle biopsy of the thyroid nodule.

If you are having electrical shock sensations, may need a neurological evaluation.
Avatar f tn is my news from the ENT.....(by the way this happens to be the same one that told me in Feb that this was all in my head)...

He didn't even look at the films that I took to him (receptionist was sure to tell me to bring them and I went out of my way to pick them up)..I had to point to the ultrasound report for him to even look at it.  

He scoped my throat and told me that he sees no reason why I have voice problems..he is sending me to a neurologist because it could be something like MS or Lou Gering's (sp?).  He said maybe later on I would have to see a speech therapist...???!!!!

He never mentioned the nodules...I had to ask him what about them...he said "Oh those aren't going to give you problems with talking or swallowing...we will check them again in 6 months"  (He knows I have a family history of thyroid (hashi) and thyroid cancer.)

I have an appointment with another ENT on Wednesday...I suppose I am going to get a second opinion...

I am also going to see a GI doc tomorrow to rule out anything going on with my stomach.   A neurologist later on in the week.

Thanks in advance for your comments and advice.  

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I forgot to add that there were two nodules on thyroid was 1.3cm the other was 2cm.  
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