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Surgical clips left in after Total Thyroidectomy??
Hi guys,
Hoping someone can let me know what these results mean? I had a Barium Swallow test done. I had a TT last Feb for thyroid cancer. It spread to my lymph nodes and during surgery my jugular vein ruptered. I had this test because I find it hard to swallow and there is so much tightness in my neck still one year post op....All through the right side.
Results: slight irregularity of the anterior wall of the oesophagus at the level of C5-6 (cricopharyngeus/upper oesophageal sphincter) surgical clips present in the upper mediastinum.
I don't know if it's normal to have surgical clips left in?? Do they stay forever and can they come loose??
I'm guessing my jugular vein has now healed. Is it incase it rupters again??
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Surgical clips can be left behind - sometimes even to mark certain structures like transplanted parathyroid glands.  Rupture of the jugular is uncommon - it likely has healed by now.
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