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my thyroid
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my thyroid

I spent several years dealing with what most doctors called a migraine disorder. I gained about 40 pounds even though I was watching what I ate and exercising, not to mention my hair fell out to the point the dermatologist said I had alopecia. Finally my doctor decided to try me on a low dose of synthroid even though I was within normal range. Within a couple of weeks the headaches stopped (COMPLETELY) and my hair grew back. My weight stopped gaining, but I couldn't lose what I had put on. Recently (its been about 3 years that I have been on the synthroid) I began to get headaches again and after blood work the doctor said my level was a little low and he put me on 112mcg of synthroid. That helped for a couple of months but the headaches started again. I went back and they said last time my level was 0.2 and now it is 0.06. They want me to cut back on what I am taking. I don't understand why they want me to cut back when going up is what helps the headaches, why last time they said it was low and raised the amount and now I am lower so they are cutting back on it. I am confused, and am frustrated. I need to understand so that I can play a role in what is going on with me. I do not want to go back to having horrible headaches again, and I am desperate to fiind a way to get my metabolism going again so that I can get back to a good weight for me. Please help. Sincerely, Lani
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The 0.2 and 0.06 levels are TSH levels -- this is  a pituitary hormone that communicates with the thyroid -- a low level (<0.3) means there is too much synthroid coming in -- so actually a dose increase at 0.2 is not what we usually do unless except in certain special situations.  Too much thyroid hormone puts stress on the heart.  Lowering the dose is appropriate in your case w/ a TSH of 0.06.  Too much synthroid may have helped the headaches in the same way caffeine (another stimulant) helps with headaches for some patients.  But it is not a recommended approach.
Hi can anyone help please
im 36 years old , and just had a blood test.
My growth hormone levels are low says the doc 0.2
he sent me to get a ct scan of the brain and it came back negative for tumors ect.
I dont get headaches , but do have low energy most of the time (ups and downs) (bit of depression i think) (thining hair)
My height is 5 feet 6 inches and im very muscular at 82kg
I had blood work  18 years ago and the doctor said the same thing, gh level 0.2 , he said it was nothing to worry about so there was no follow up.
I have trained with weights in my garage for 15 years drug free.
I just dont understand iff my gh levels have been so low for so long , how  could i gain and maintain my muscle thickness.
Do i need gh treatment to bring it to normal levels.
Thanks heaps any info would be much appreciated.
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