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Chronic Hip/Groin/Thigh Pain. Please help!
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Chronic Hip/Groin/Thigh Pain. Please help!

I am a 21 year old female who has been experiencing these debilitating pain episodes for almost four years now. I have to been to several doctors and had a ton of tests dones, but with no answers. Here are my symptoms:
*Intermittent attacks of pain in hip/groin/buttocks area that radiates into my thigh. both sides of my body. (Attacks can last anywhere from hourse to days)
*Pain is a sever, constant, achy, tightening feeling. Movement or changing positions does not seem to make it better or worse. It feels like it is deep within and does not hurt at all from the outside.
*Random stabbing pains all over.
*Occasional shooting pains in arms and legs.
*Extreme fatigue (No matter how much sleep I get, normally 8-9 hours a night), I never wake up feeling rested. Maybe because my pain will not allow me to go into deep sleep?

I have had an MRI of my lumbar spine, w/ and w/o contrast, which showed only mild arthrosis in L4, L5. Neurologist said that this was not affecting any nerve roots. Had MRI of pelvis, came back normal. Had Hip XRay, came back normal. Had EMG/nerve conduction study, came back normal. Had IVP of both kidneys, came back normal. Had bilateral retrograde pyelogram of both kidneys, the urologist found no problems with either kidney. I even had a colonoscopy (miserable...), but thankfully that came back normal too. All my bloodwork has been normal. The rheumatoid factor and inflammatory bloodwork was normal. My doctor just ordered a Lupus panel, but I have not gotten results yet. I have been to the chiropractor but so far had no relief from that either. I have tried trial periods of Neurontin, Lyrica and Amitryptiline, but got no relief from any of those. The neurologist tried to diagnose me with fibromyalgia, but with nothing to base that on. I do not meet any of the 18 tender points for FM, and even the rheumatologist and primary care doctor both said I did not have FM.
I'm so confused and beginning to become depressed. Sometimes I feel 100% but then with no warning at all I can be in excrutiating pain the next minute. This can last for days with little or no relief. Its debilitating. When I do feel good, I am still not very active because I live in fear of my next attack. I do not know what causes this so I do not know how to prevent it. If you can help, please let me know. Or even if you are just going through the same thing, it helps to hear from someone who understands. Thanks everybody.
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How are you?

Although many of the possibilities for lower back and hip pain have been ruled out,I’ll list the possibilities which can be related to it.They are ankolysing spondylitis , mulifocal fibrosclerosis,spinal stenosis,arthritis,Paget’s disease of the bone, and multiple myeloma.

Pls check out these possibilities and rule out the ones which already have been investigated.
Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Well I do feel your pain.  I am sorry that you're having so many problems getting a diagnosis.  I don't have any other ideas to look into but I can say that I too have had hip, groin and buttock pain for about 1 1/2 years now.  I have done many different tests with different doctors but they have no answers for me either.  It can become pretty depressing.  Only recently I started to swim again.  Of course the day after swimming, I am in really bad shape but I do what I can and then wait about 2 more days and then swim again.  It feels good to be doing something.  
All I can offer to you is something that helps me.  Every night before I go to bed, I write down what I am thinking about.  No matter what it is, whether it's my frustrations from not being diagnosed or  being able to find anything that can help, to just being happy that I had an okay day.  I have not had a single day without pain in my 1 1/2 years.  It seems to help me sleep for at least a consistant 4 hours...then i'll get up, move around and then lay back down.  I do believe that the pain that you are in is what keeps you tired, as I am exhausted all the time.  Just imagine what happens when I go swimming, and the next couple of days after that.
I wish you all the luck in the world.  Stay as positive as you can. I find it more fun to pick on my pain than anything.  What's even better is that I "wobble" everywhere, so I get a kick out of that too.  Some would just call me dilusional.  LOL.

Take care of yourself and enjoy everyday as it comes and goes...

Thanks for the kind words. I understand what you are going through. Hopefully we will both pull through this. The only thing that actually relieves the pain for me is a long, hot bath...with bubbles of course ;-) It is only temporary. The pain always comes back when I get out, but unfortunately I cannot live life in a bathtub lol. Maybe that will help you too. Keep up that great spirit and get to feeling better!
I, too have your same synptoms-hip, groin, thigh pain.  But, I also have leg pain and foot pain.  Been through all the MRI's, X-rays, chiropractor, pain clinic, podiatrist, neurologist, etc.  I have mild deterioration of the hip socket and plantar fasciitis.  I also have a heel spur and collapsed vertebrae in my back.  All doctors tell me it sounds worse than it is.  None are willing to send me for any surgery - not bad enough.  I can barely walk!  Worse in the morning and then after a long time on me feet.  If you get any answers, please share.  Thanks.  I was taking an antiinflamatory medication that seemed to help quite a bit, but I had to cut back due to the side effects.  Fortunately, I have not experienced any of them yet.
I too suffer from excrutiating pain in my upper left thigh.  I have been transported by ambulance twice in the last two weeks to the emergency room.  I was sent to an othopeadic surgeon which couldn't find the root of the problem.  He referred me to a specialist at Emory University hospital.  My appointment is March 26.  I take Vicodin around the clock. I live in fear of another attack.  There is no warning.  When the pain comes, I screem to the top of lungs, no matter where I am.  Hopefully, the Specialist will find the problem.
Hi all
I ended up in emergency ads unit last wk
With same symptoms as u all and lower back
Pain. Been on morphine and now two pain
Killers, anti-spasmodics,anti-inflam etc no pain
Release and no diagnosis?

I have just found this website and all the symptoms www.caringmedical.com
Look under sports injury

Could lead to your pubis symphisis. Have a
Read.  I'm going to get that checked I had
Pubis symphasis dysfuntion when pregnant

So this maybe what is causing the pain?
Pls let me know how u get on
Zoe website:
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