Losing strength and feeling in left hand.
by rideforever, Feb 10, 2006
For a week I have been losing strength and feeling in my left hand.  I cannot pin the reason.  My little finger is almost completely numb and getting to the point of worry.

Symptons. Numb feeling, lack of feeling when sharp objects applied.  Feeling of lethargy when applying hand to a task.  General loss of strength. The hand feels 'tight.'

The numbness is spreading throughout the hand from finger to finger.   Body wise there is no other problem.  This is the first time this has happened.  There has been no change in my routine over the past week or any major occurance to directly cause this.

I am currently located in 'Kashgar' in NW China and is not a place I particularly want to get too embeded into with this problem.  I'm sure you understand.

Hoping to resolve this issue here.

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by kathleen97496, Feb 16, 2006
My experience.
I was on the computer one night and leaned on my elbow for several hours. (Computer was at an awkward angle) When I was done my hand was numb. It was numb for 3 weeks. Actually my little finger and ring finger and the tip of my middle finger. I had no strength. Couldn't even button  my own pants. The Dr. said it was tennis elbow. I didn't agree. The symptoms didn't match. Turns out I had crushed my ulnar nerve.  I started massaging that nerve and it eventually went away. I also wore a magnetic elbow brace to keep off it. When I lean on it now I know instantly. The nerve reacts and I'm off it.  But my hands  are better. (It seemed to travel across my back and into my other hand also)
by sherri34, Jan 12, 2008
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by gwg777, Feb 16, 2010
by josh1987, Jun 19, 2010
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