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EVERY doctor for 5 years has told me what I DON’T HAVE…how about a doctor telling me what I DO HAVE, so it CAN be corrected! Been to 4-Endocrinologists, 2-Neurologists, 3-General Internal MD’s, 2-Gastrologists, Urologist, Rheumatologist, OBGYN, Genetics Counseling, Psychologist, Physical Therapists, 2-Natural Pathologists.
• acid reflex, mouth sores;
• nerve issues;
• muscles weak, spasm, sphincter issues;
• joint swelling;
• exhausted;
• bruise easy;
• heart racing;
• blood pressure high;
• blood clots slowly;
• brain is foggy;
• memory worsening, forgetful;
• no libido (very different from past);
• dehydration;
• vision blurry;
• severe osteopenia (2-yrs ago);
• kidney stones;
• intestinal bloating;
• urine excessive volume;
• urine, excessive calcium excreted;
• depressed;
• tumors, cysts, and polyps all over my body;
• blood test PTH: normal;
• blood test Calcium: High Normal;
• 3-neck/thyroid Ultrasounds, 3-Sestimbi Tests: all inconclusive/suspicious.
NOW where do I go and what do I do??
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We are not doctors on here but I'll make some comments.Have you had an MRI of the brain? What tests have you had done other than the ultrasound and urine tests, what blood tests? It sounds like you may have multiple problems and maybe or maybe not all tied into one thing.  What meds are you on? Do they cause any of your symptoms?
1. the Heart racing you can get a EKG then a 24 hour monitor to see if you have tachycardia.
2. the brain MRI may help figure out whether you have MS, or some other problem causing memory loss.
Have any of the doctors given you any clues at all?
3. The mouth sores sound like a lowered immunity, they are usually viral.
4. I wonder if it is an autoimmune issue too? Did the rhematologist not think that was the case?
5. The bruising easily and blood clotting slowly sounds like  a blood factor defiency or genetically related factor problem.
6. The kidney and urinary problems are related to kidney stones.
It sounds like you need fosamax for the osteopenia.
I can't say if all of these are related. Sorry if I didn't help much.
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Sounds rough going with all those symptoms. Have they ruled out Lupus? A lot of your symptoms are in common with Lupus sufferers.  Normally it would be the rheumatologist who would diagnose it.  L
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You don't say what's been ruled out and how it's been ruled out, but one possibility is Celiac disease.  You can have blood tests and upper endoscopy to rule that out.  

Because Celiac causes malabsorption of nutrients, symptoms are widespread and varied, well beyond just the digestive tract and skin.  Celiac tends to lead to other autoimmune disorders, further complicating things.  And finally it can lead to various cancers if a strict diet is not adhered to.  

So get checked for Celiac disease if you have not.  
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Tested for Lupus, Lyme, Parathyroid, Thyroid, MEN-1, MS, and others I can't recall off the top of my head.  Been on a gluten-free diet for a year, eat well.  Had brain, throat, knee MRI's, endoscopy, colonoscopy and in the past 5 years somewhere around 40 blood tests which are within range, except out of range are globulin, A/G ratio, low protein (many times items are on the fringe of being out of range, but every doctor says my blood tests don't show anything wrong with me).  Done CT-Scans and ultrasounds of head, throat, upper chest, upper and lower abdomen... hence the reason I know about all the tumors, cysts, polyps, and nodules...which the doc's all say are benign, yet they want to watch them all and repeat test every 6 to 12 months. Increased calcium creates issues, decreased calcium creates more. Vit D-3 is fine with supplements. Rheumatologist called it arthritis, said might be auto-immune but tests couldn't confirm. Been told by doctors it could be chronic-fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, PMS, menopause, hypochondria... they have NO idea, only thing they keep saying is what it isn't.  Taking lexipro, dozen's of vitamins, prilosec, 60-billion probiotics, eat right, no glutin... now can't sleep, and they want me to take a sleeping pill. I feel like the doctors are handing me bandaides to fix this or that symptom, but no reason or cure.
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See Reply to All - thank you.
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