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Atrophic Testes (urgent)
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Atrophic Testes (urgent)

Respected Doctor ,

I am 22 yr old into business , i have had a problem since  several years now atleast 5 years , it started with a pain and slowing on my left testis with some pain arround the left kidney side  but the swelling and the pain never last for more then few hours or until i sleep. For example if i start having pain and swelling on left testis at night it was never there in the morning. i always use to consult our family doctor for this matter but he always said its a urinary infection because of less intake of water.. But atleast 7 months back my left testis started hurting again with the swelling, the swelling and pain was alote more with some nausea/ vomitting which never happend before, the pain was not there next morning but as i mentioned the swelling was aloote more then before and it stayed for atleast 12-13 days... I again contacted the same family doctor and he prescribed me some anibiotic and painkillers. Later after 15-20 days i noticed my left testis was shrinked and after this episode i was asked by my doctor to go through some tests like Vdrl , Tpha , Anti Hiv , Scrotum / Testes Ultrasound , Kidney Ultrasound,Sperm, Prostate And Urine  Culture...

VDRL : Negative
TPHA : Negative

Anti HIV: Its been atleast 9 months now since i have had sex the last exposure... although it was safe and protected... First time when i was tested for Anti Hiv it was after 5 months of the last exposure its was negative.. Now again this month after atleast 9 months to the last exposure i got myself tested again for Anti Hiv for my satisfaction and by the Grace of God its again negative... So now things are clear that i am not HIV infected,....

Scrotum/ Testes Ultra Sound :

Right testis is normal in size and shape , seen in scrotum . it measures 3.6 x 2.0cms , No mass or cystic area seen . Texture of right testis is normal . normal flow seen in right testis on color dopler . No calcification seen. No evidence of hydrocele on right side.

Left testis is small and atrophic , measures 2.0 x 1.3cms . No mass or cystic area seen. Texture of left testis is normal . Normal flow seen in left testis on color dopler. No calcification seen. No evidence of hydroccele oon left side.

No evidence of varicocelle
Normal ultrasound of right testis
No lesion seen in kidney and urinary bladder.

Urinary: No Infection
Kindly: Both kidneys  normall..
Prostate: was normal no bacterial growth
Sperm : no infection and sperm count 120ml

I visited a urologist last month and he said Atrophic Testes can not come to its normal size and it should be removed or it may cause cancer and plus it can even effect my right testes and it can cause atrophy to the right on aswell..

Now new things started i am having slight discomfort and slight pain at right side of groin but no swelling on the groin, Left testes still hurt sometimes and i am still having some pain on left lower back and even on right lower back arround the kidneys....

Please suggest me what to do , Can atrophic testes never return too its normal size? It should b removed for sure? because a homeopath said it can come to its normal size but it will take some time but he even said if we try to increase the quickly then it will cause cancer... I am totaly confused.. what side effect does a atrophic testes have?  Why am i having pain the right side of my groin and lower back? My left testes hurt sometime it feel like am squeezing them ...

Please suggest something....
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is it compulsory to remove atrophic testes??? as my brother is also having ....and i have also heard if a person having atrophic testes it is compulsary to remove that otherwise it can lead to testicular cancer...so i just only want to know is it compulsary to remove atrophic testes ...he is having since 2003 ill now same....
so they say...they said d same 2 mi.mine measures 3.3cm. im scared. but somtyms 1 has to try nd seek a second opinion. try 2 consult another urologist. it just sounds scarry and psychologically traumatsing.
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