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Orgasm causes testicle to withdraw from scrotum
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Orgasm causes testicle to withdraw from scrotum

Recently I began noticing that when I orgasm my right testicle rises out of my scrotum and goes up into my lower pelvis slightly above and to the right of my penis. I can feel it begin to move up against the entrance to my pelvis just as I feel myself going "over the edge" into the orgasm, but it definitefly pulls right up inside my pelvis during ejaculation. When I stop ejaculating, I can actually feel the bulge of the testicle pushing against the skin beneath my pubic hair, and  the testicle will stay up inside there until I gently apply pressure to the bulge and push the testicle back down into my scrotum.

I don't know if this is relevant, but my right testicle is slightly smaller than my left. Also I have a small sized varicocele inside the left half of my scrotum, but that is not a  problem and it is actually smaller than it used to be.

Has anyone else had this happen or know what might be going on? Should I see a doctor? Should I go directly to a urologist, or is primary care ok?
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Elevation of the testicle during orgasm is normal. The muscle responsible for this is the cremaster muscle. This is something noted prior to ejaculation.It seems that elevation of the testicles ensures successful ejaculation.

With regards  to the varicocele, have you been diagnosed by a physician with this ?

I suggest that you seek consult with a physician so that your condition may be thoroughly assessed. In the presence of other conditions like a possible varicocele, an initial evaluation by your urologist will be necessary. A scrotal ultrasound may help.

A varicocele has a unique characteristic feel to it referred to as "bag of worms" consistency when palpated. Is this applicable to you?
Thank you, Vanessa, for your comment.

The varicocele was diagnosed by a physician many years ago. He said that it would not be a problem, and it has not been, It is less pronounced now than then, and I only really notice it during warmer temperatures when the varicocele seems to expand causing the left side of my scrotum to get larger and hang down farther than the right side. Then, the left side does feel like a "bag of worms" if I palpate it. The varicele, however, is only around my left testicle; this problem is with my right testicle.

I guess my current concern is that the testicle would get stuck up inside my pelvis or that it might get twisted (I have heard of "testicular torsion") as I ease it back into my scrotum.

There is another problem here too, and that is I have to say I feel a little uneasy discussing this with my physician. This problem occurs mainly during masturbation, and I will feel very embarassed and ashamed when I have to admit that I masturbate. (Maybe I could just say this occurs when I ejaculate and leave out any details about the cause of the orgasm). Also, although I have had the same physician for 15 years, I have noticed in the past that she changed the subject as quickly as possible once when there was a minor problem with my penis, and she avoids any discussion about sex, etc. I think she is a very traditional person, married, a few kids, etc.,and would think very badly about me.
Prior to my vasectomy 7 years ago, I used to have my testicles pull up and tingle right upon going over the edge.  Since then I have no feelings in my testicles or that movement upon orgasm.  Must I have a reverse vasectomy to get that back?  I think so.  My girlfriends said that some woman knew that if they want their man to not ejaculate they would softly pull the testicles down a few cm to halt that tingle over the edge.  Any reply will help.
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