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Small BB sized lump on shaft, under penis skin after penis stretcher u...
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Small BB sized lump on shaft, under penis skin after penis stretcher use. help!

I'm in a really embarrassing situation. And I'm freaking out in fear of injuring my penis for life.

5 days ago. I was using my penis stretcher, like I've been doing for 4-5 months without any complications. The last time I used it 5 days ago, I think I injured my penis with it. I got an unexpected erection while it was on. This has happened in the past without any problems, just a little bearable pain. But I'm sure I might of torn something in my penis like a muscle, vain or something.

After use of my penis stretcher, I noticed a small lump about half way up the shaft UNDER the skin, right at the front middle. A small BB sized lump is under the skin of my shaft. The position is fixed, and the lump will not move, when I move the penis skin. The lump is on the shaft it self. The lump goes to about twice the size when erect. And it feel's like there is loose tissue attached to the lump going to the head of the penis. I'm afraid I torn something, and it won't heal back. I have an appointment with my family doctor in 3 days. But would like more insight to this situation now. I have stopped having sex/masturbating, and quit using the penis stretcher for good. I can't really tell if the lump has gotten bigger or smaller since the injury has occurred 5 days ago. Do you know the diagnosis of my problem? And do you know if it will heal back over time. Or will it be there for life?

Thanks for your time and help.
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Dear Toby1988,

Thanks for your query.

You have obviously injured the penis while using the stretcher. You seem to have injured the outer covering layer of penis known as tunica albuginea. Apparently, you have formed a hematoma over there.

Ideally the patient should be seen by a doctor within first 6 hours of the injury. If there is a defect in the tunica albuginea then it should be repaired immediately. However, if there is no defect and only a hematoma is formed then nothing needs to be done as it will get absorbed over a period of time by itself. I will suggest that you should at least visit the emergency room at the earliest and do the needful.

Hope I have answered your query.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Rajiv Goel
It's been a week since injury. I can't tell if it's gotten smaller, defiantly hasn't gotten bigger. Is it still repairable after a week? And the lump is under the penile skin, in a fixed position. Would that still make it possible I injured the tunica albuginea? Just about to leave to go to a clinic to see a doctor. Hopefully the Doctor referrers me to a Urologist.

Can you tell me what the procedure is to repair it, if need be?

Thanks for your time,
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