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Tingling and penis discomfort / prostate issue ?
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Tingling and penis discomfort / prostate issue ?

I have had a discomfort for 3 months now.  This all began after having a protected sexual encounter 4 months ago.  I did receive and give unprotected oral sex however.  I was tested and all tests came back negative for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV and Syphilis.  Still I have a discomfort in the tip and shaft of my penis.  No other signs of STD's.  I do have to urinate frequently however.  I have seen my Doc and an Urologist.  The Urologist exam me and believed I have protesis.  He proscribed 500MG of Ciprofloxanin twice a day for one month.  After the first month, I called his office to inform them that the condition remains; they then extended the subscription for another 15 days.  I am now coming to the end of these 15 days, still condition remains.  (Maybe better, but still not gone)

I have beed beating myself up with guilt, but still the pain/discomfort continues.
I have also been on doxycycl for 14 days (April), metronidazole for 10 days (May) and now the month and half of Ciprofloxanin.

My Urologist told me to continue the remaining days worth of Ciprofloxacin he subscribed to me. As i told him my condition has improved, but continues.  He wants me to finish the meds, and then wait a week or so to see if things clear themselves out.  if it continues, he wants me back in for a scope of my urethra

The two days, i have been sitting on a heating pad.
This does relieve the feeling and provides me with a normal feeling.

A couple of questions;

1.)  Can my slightly enlarged prostate lead to these condictions?
2.)  Could the cause of this begun from my sexual encounter?
3.)  It was protected, could i have been infected by the condom which was used?
4.)  Should i continue the heating pad treatment?  Does this relief indicate anything?

Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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I think that the key comment that you made was “I have beed beating myself up with guilt, but still the pain/discomfort continues.” It sounds to me that there is not a physical issue but rather an emotional one. Treating the physical is not going to resolve the issue. I think that you should seek the care of a psych social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist .Given that the heating pad makes you feel better, continue using it. I would not go for the cystoscopy.
This is not related to your prostate and do to the timing,  I certainly do think that it is related to your sexual encounter. I do not think that you had/have an STI. Certainly a used condom or one contaminated with an STI could result in transmission of such disease, but again, I do not think that this happened to you.
Do go for emotional help now. The longer things fester, the harder they are to resolve.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
Dear Doc.

Any comments and/answers to my statement/questions.  
I have been waiting for a week now.
Thanks for you comments.

You mention that you believe this not to be STD or STI due to the timing.
Do you mean because of the length of my condition remaining?
I struggle to understand how seeing a  psych social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist  can help.  My conditions and feelings are real; these cannot just be in my head.  While some times during the day, they seem gone or better, I continue to have good and bad days.  I do believe the overall conditions have gotten better, by will not go away.
Some questions I would appreciate your comments on;  I believe if I get your answers to your questions, then perhaps if this is all in my mind, I can begin to put this behind me.

1.) Could the conditions of any STD or STI remain somewhat the same for more then 4 months?
2.) I have only had one STD test done (May 6th) this was a urine and blood test.  Should I have more testing? Swab? Etc.
3.) I have notice from other post, that may people experience tingling and penis discomfort after negative testing.  Is this the most common physical logical condition?  Can this all really be only mental and caused by anxiety only?  

I hope I can soon get back to living a normal life.  I really believe your answers to the above will go a long way towards this.
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