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Urination and erection problems
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Urination and erection problems

I am a currently 25 year old male, and would like advice in regards to the following please.
In terms of urinary questions.
I have been finding more and more recently that I am experience a very urgent feeling when needing to go, and if I dont quickly then within 10-15min my bladder gets to the point where my abdomen is distended quite a bit. This by itself is not completely unnerving, but often this will happen several times over the course of just a few hours.
On top of that, I have trouble fully finishing when urinating, and will drip for a while after. It often feels like I have urine still stuck in the urethra, and I have to try to manually push it out (which relieves the feeling, but later I may still find that I dribble more out after walking away from the restroom). This has been more recently accompanied with pain/burning during urination, and especially strong pain as I finish and clear the last bit.

In terms of erection questions.
I don't consistently get satisfying erections, even at times when I feel like I should. I rarely have them in the mornings, and mostly those that I do get early are not very strong. More recently I have been even having trouble getting one with self-stimulation. Adding on to this, even when I do achieve an erection, it will be gone in 10-20 seconds without maintaining constant stimulation. I experience a lot of pre-*** when aroused (though not erect :/) and often have very early premature ejaculation even without becoming fully erect.
I want to add on to this that I do not seem to have nearly as high of a sex drive as I imagine I should at my age. I really only feel the desire for sex once or twice a week, and those are the only occasions I have a remote chance of erection. During the rest of the week, I easily go days without experiencing any arousal at all during the day. My fiance (female) is much more easily aroused than myself, which is something that seems odd to me.
Thanks for posting your query.

For your urinary symptoms two causes which need to be ruled out are urinary tract infection and prostatitis. While the commonest cause of prostatitis is usually repeated bladder infections, the cause of UTI is bacteria that initially settle (colonise) around the urethra (urine tube), and then ascend into the rest of the urinary tract.

You should get a urine examination, urine culture and your PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels estimated.

I can understand your concern for sexual problems and the condition that you are having is called erectile dysfunction.

In most of the cases, erectile dysfunction is psychological in nature. It usually goes away with proper counseling and interactive sessions with the patient. Other causes are diabetes, depression, autonomic nervous system problem, excessive alcohol ingestion or tobacco smoking, heart or thyroid conditions and poor circulation. Testosterone levels if low can cause decreased libido rather than erectile dysfunction.

In your case, you need to be properly examined and investigated to pinpoint the diagnosis. As I have mentioned earlier, in young men, mostly it is due to psychological causes. However you need to have your blood sugar levels, testosterone levels, complete blood count, thyroid function tests and cardiac function evaluated.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

Wishing you good health.

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