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What is the cause of my right testicle pain/discomfort?
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What is the cause of my right testicle pain/discomfort?

Ok so I have been reading a lot on the net and trying to see if I need to save up the big bucks to actually go to the doctors or to see if I can get an answer on the net from a doctor that will satisfy me enough to keep me out of the hospital.

I am 36 years old and this started like 2 years ago but it comes and goes.  I have noticed it more now that I am back in the gym.  But even just sitting here typing this I notice the problem.

My right testicle seems to want to be pulled up towards my belly.  Seems like it is trying to go into a socket (not sure what the area above the testicles and below the belly button is called).  It's kinda like it hides and gets sucked up into that area.

It is a huge concern for me and I think it's affecting my sex too.  I seriously hope it's nothing to worry about but at the same time I do not think this is normal.

I am very healthy (so I think) and I never get sick.  I stay away from the doctors for two reasons.  1. cost OMG so much and 2. despite all the amazing knowledge they have, it seems they can never find the problem.

Please let me know if this is serious or what I can do.  It's really weird.


This discussion is related to Right testicle discomfort feels like its raised too high even when its hanging normal.
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I am having a dull pain in my right testical and right before I climax it comes up and then I don't climax
I have fixed my painful right testicl. A little background. 4 years ago I went to the dr's he just said to take antiinflamitors and it will go a way this worked for a few years. Then 6 months ago it stopped working and the pain became unbearable after seeing the dr and 3 urologists and every test under the sun . They had no idea all they said was it has to be an infection and the put me on doxacillin for 6 weeks. This did nothing but distroy my tummy.
   So I went to see a homeopath / natrapath that practices irradology. After telling her my long story of pain she had a look in my eye (irradology). Immediately  she started talking. Your hips,pelvis and lower back are way way out. It's causing nerve compression and damage. That's your problem. Go to a chiropractor.
She gave me antiinflamitory herbs for the pain and something to help the nerves. The herbs worked far better than any thing the dr's gave me. I saw a chiropractor the next day after 2 hours with him I was feeling heaps better. The next morning I was the happest man on earth pain free.
2days later a little pain came back. So straight back to the chiropractor and he fixed me again  I now see the chiropractor once every two weeks or if I feel any pain and still take the herbs. I am pain free.
So 4 years of heaps of dr's and heaps of drugs with almost no relief and no idea of the cause. Was diagnosed and basically fixed within 36hrs
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