bump on my baby's penis
by pinkpolo, Jan 19, 2008
Dear Doctor,
    My baby is 16 months old and has been sick with viruses and ear infections off and on for the last few months since he started daycare. I know that is pretty normal but last week his ped. gave him shots of antibiotics in his legs to help him get better. It worked.  He finally has no fever has not been vomiting and seems much better. He still has ear infection though.  Tonight after his bath I noticed 2 odd looking white "bumps" under his foreskin. One is rather flat and looks hard. I thought it was puss at first and very delicately try to press it to see if it looked like it would pop. It did not. What could it be.
Thank you,
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by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Jan 20, 2008

It is difficult to tell what it is through verbal communication. I hope I can help you more with that. You have noted that they are hard and flat.Is there any associated change in urine character or difficulty with urination?

You may consult his pediatrician for a thorough examination.This may not sound urgent yet an infection has to be ruled out considering your son's medical history. I suggest you avoid manipulating the area until a consult has been made. Continue to keep the area dry and observe any changes in the bumps' character.

Keep in touch for anything.
by lulu320, Mar 03, 2008
My 7 month old son have a bump on his penis what is it/
by york65, May 16, 2008
My son is six month old about a month ago i noticed a bump on the shaft of his penis that looked similiar to a white head. When i gently applied pressure to it nothing happened, I dont want to squeeze it to hard in fear that i may hurt him and or cause an infection. i showed our doctor and he said it was fine and would go away. I guess I am just not satisfied with that answer and would like to know what the actual name and cause is for this medical mistery.
by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, May 17, 2008

I understand you concern. This bump on the penis may be an enlarged sweat gland or blocked follicle and I do not think this requires any immediate intervention. Just avoid picking on it or touching it as it may only irritate the area. Wash the area with a mild cleanser and do not allow the wet diaper to dry on the skin. Change these immediately.

Continue to observe the bump. Watch out for any change in size, color (especially redness) , and the presence of pain or tenderness .Pain and tenderness in infants may be manifest through increased irritability especially when touching the area.

by demecoj, May 27, 2008
hi my 17 months old son has diaper rash on his hip. it seems to be so sore for him that it is so red. now i saw some red bumps all over his testicles up to his penis. is this from the diaper rash or is it something else. i am changing his diapers evey now and then and using desitin for the rash. thanks
by mamahealer, May 30, 2008
sounds like it may be a yeast infection - if your son has been on any antibiotics, has white flour, excessive sugars of any form, or yeast products, (which, including vinegars, is used to preserve just about everything these days) yeast infection is a possibility. i have seen this condition so often, and just as often overlooked. my son had chronic yeast infections from birth to almost 2 years untill we uncovered our food allergies. if you think it may be a possibility for your son then i would recommend cutting out the basic foods yeast feed on - starches, sugars etc.( see westonaprice.org for the best info i've found, or read nourishing traditions by sally fallon, which has been my greatest aid in recovering my health after over ten years of mysterious illnesses, ) topically applying high quality acidolpholous, some baby "nakey time", and cutting out harsh chemicals in your home.  
anything that promises to kill bacterial, kills the bad and the good, and the very first thing to move in afterwards is yeast - which is why people on antibiotics get yeast infections. acidolpholous is the good bacteria your body desperately needs and will snuff out the yeast organism. if you apply some acidolpholous and he feels better, you probably have a yeast infection on your hands - but please note the infection starts from the inside out, and real cure will work the same way. wow! sorry that's so long - i hope you find out what it is and that your son feels better soon - may God bless you and keep you.
by merna211, Feb 05, 2009
hi..my 11 month old son had a pussey spot underneath the skin on his penis...it eventually popped like a pimple.

now he has another one...what can be causing this to happen?
by Dragon1973, Feb 26, 2010
My son also has these pimple like bumps but in them there is a hole, and the hard white puss does come out.  I used to just keep up on it making sure that it never got too *****.  Today, I discovered that he has another bump, more like a boil (no apparent white head in or under the skin).  I am diligent with diaper changes, and cleaning his penis.  I did notice that these white head ones were present ever since he had his circumcision.  It was almost like the skin didn't join up properly.  Can anyone tell me what this new bump is?  It looks painful, but when I clean him, he doesn't complain or even seem fazed by it!
by Dragon1973, Feb 26, 2010
Sorry, I got stared out when I tried (and mispelled) Puss(y) above in my last post.  I meant that I was making sure it never got filled with more puss.  Sorry about that!