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HOw much calories should a 13 year old girl eat per day?
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HOw much calories should a 13 year old girl eat per day?

I am thirteen, feemale, 5 ffoot 5, and I weigh 110. Eating is hard for me since I do not have a very big appetite. HOw many calories should I eat per day? I was told on a website that I should eat 2400 calorries per day, but that seems too much and I planned a day worth of food and it's way more than I would ever eat. So how many calories should I eat a day and any suggestions for me to eat healthier? Thank you so much for answering this.
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When you line up the right foods, vegetables, fruit, and proteins-eggs/milk/meats- it does look like a lot of food. But its not!

When I was your age I weighed in at 105-until I hit my thirties. I didn’t eat a lot. I could say I ate like a bird, but come on!  Have you ever seen a bird eat!  For me, a quarter of a sandwich was a lot of food.

Every, body, is different.
Aim at a healthy lifestyle, not a specific weight.

If you’re eating right, and getting exercise daily- Which means walking moving around not sitting in front of the television or computer; you will be a healthy person.

Love who you are! You are the only ‘you’ we have.

At your age it is hard to judge how many calories to eat.

Ask your doctor about your weight and eating correctly. You will be surprised when you learn you’re perfect. What Me Perfect!  How can that be!  

Just eat the right foods- healthy foods- don’t over-indulge in the bad foods
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