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The SKINNY on costs for B12 shots, Lipotropics, & Myoden
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The SKINNY on costs for B12 shots, Lipotropics, & Myoden

HI All:

I have been reading the posts in the forums for the past few weeks.  The one thing I was looking for, other than the results most of you are experiencing with B12, Lipotropics, and Myoden injections/sublinguals, was the Brand Names, shelf label, etc. of these products so I could research if there was a cheaper place to buy things than at MyDietSolutions.com, or from my local doctor.  Well, in all my reading I could not find the answers I needed.  So I sucked it up, spent the cash and now have the info on exactly what the good Dr. Gates is selling...  I could not afford to plop down the $245 for his products, so I needed an alternative.  

This shout out is for all you out there that are in similiar circumstance...commited to losing the weight just not in the position to spend your car payment on the products!  I used B12 injections years ago and had tremendous success where other diets had failed me (including Fen/Phen).  I couldn't do the $175 for B12+Lipotropics either, so at the suggestion of Julie at My Diet Solutions, I am doing the B12 injections, Lipotropics pills, and Myoden sublinguals.  However... still not at those prices.

The B12 injections at www.mydietsolutions.com for $67 is 1 vial of 30 ml with 1,000 mcg per ml, or essentially, 30,000 mcg.    At www.canadadrugsuperstore.com, you can buy the same quantity/quality for $31.89.

The Lipotropics are essentially a blend of Choline, Inositol, and Methionine for $34.00.
As a FABULOUS substitution, I found "Biochem Ultimate Fat Metabolizer" at www.luckyvitamins.com for $10.24.  I did a great deal of research and compared several "health store" brands to finds the one with the highest concentration of these ingredients, 500 mg each, and as an added bonus I can now not buy the L-Carnitine (500 mg $14)  and Chromium Picolonate (200 mcg $9) I was buying, as both these are also included in this product.  So for me, I saved $22.76 for the "Lipotropics" and  $23 for the other supplements I can discontinue buying seperately.  

Now, the one thing I could not find or figure out was how to get the "Sublingual Myoden" pills.  I did days of Google'ing and had no luck with that.  So, like I said, I sucked it up and ordered the "Sublingual Myoden" from My Diet Solutions for $40.  I was very disappointed when I received my package this afternoon, to find that the big mystery was a tiny little bottle of tiny little pills with a label that reads "My-B-Tabs".  The contents of each pill are:
Folic Acid 10 mcg
Vitamin B12 50 mcg
Adenosine Monophosphate 25 mg

Of course once the mystery was uncovered, I Googled "My-B-Tabs" and found numerous places to buy them.  Most for the same quanity and content for around $28-$30.  However, I found one that had twice as much Adenosine Monophosphate i.e. 50 mg (same Folic Acid and B12) for $26.95.  

To buy Injectable B12 and pill form Lipotropics & Myoden from Dr. Gates the cost is $141.  If you go this alternative route, it is $69.13, a savings of $71.87 your first time out.  

Taking into consideration that the comparative dosages/quantities from alternative sources rather than Dr. Gate's are the same, in 1 year the cost savings would be:

From Dr. Gate's a 1 year supply of the B12 shots & pill Lipotropics and Myoden...$972
(B12 is a 30 week supply, the Myoden or "My-B-Tabs" are a 30 day supply, and the Lipotropics are a 33 day supply).

However, by using the alternatives above...the tab is $398.16 for a year, or a whopping 59% OFF!!!  Just $7.66 per week.

No, I am not affiliated with any of these companies, nor am I a doctor, but I have what the Dr. is selling in my hand and it is nolonger an expensive mystery worth $40 + S&H.

I hope one person out there finds this useful.  I hope the weightloss docs of the world stop capitalizing on our pain and suffering as overweight individuals...
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what kind of progress have u made using your own products?
Avatar f tn
Thanks for your research! Please respond with your sucess. Thanks!
Avatar n tn
Don't try to play alchemist on your own. It appears you have very little experience in what you're doing. If you did have experience you'd realize that some of the pills/cocktails you're trying to mix listed about can ACTUALLY be working AGAINST you!


You write as if you were ripped off when you received you: Sublingual Myoden. You stated it only contained:
Vitamin B12
50 mcg
Adenosine Monophosphate 25 mg

What do you think myoden is? It's Adenosine Mono.

So, you went thru all that trouble to save a few dollars? Must not be working b/c no-one has heard from you.

Folks, go to a weight-loss professional and do not try this on your own. You'll be disappointed. Frustrated. and Broke, just like this person.

Get the real deal from your Doctor, ask for: Lipotonix - the most complete lipotropic injection available today!

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i was spending $75 a week eating out just breakfast and lunch. I went to my weightloss dr and i pay him $75 a month . thats gets me my phentermine  and b-12 shots. i save money , like over $200 a month . i have lost 63 lbs since 3-09. and went from a 28 pants to a 18. and went down 2 bra sizes.  Sounds like someone trying to rip people off with all those outragious prices.  Now i am also doing the lypo shots and they are $25 for 2 shots once a wkk. and i lost 6 lbs in my first week of the lypo shots.  So i am sold.  Good Luck to all!!
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Thanks for the information.  

I don't consider buying from less expensive sources mixing your own cocktail when you are getting the same ingredients.  

I went to a physician for a while before I moved.  I was getting the shots weekly.  The cost was 50 a week.  I was weighed, measured, and had my blood pressure checked.  Sometimes it was one of the physicians that saw me and he definitely did if I had any type of medical problems.  The program was great and people were extremely successful, but 50 a week can get expensive.  Amazingly, the doctor that started the program gives all of his employess a share of profits at the end of the year.  He said that god blessed him with what he had and that his employees are part of his success.  Rare to find in this day and time.

I did the shots, Cell Press (cellulose and natural gums to make you feel full) an hour before meals, and 1500mg of calcium pyruvate at 10am and 2pm.  There are studies that show increased weight loss when taking calcium pyruvate.  

I am a registered dietitian and I work with nurses that could give me the injections.  Money is tighter now than it was so finding a less expensive source is great.
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