Breast Pressing
by craz4, Feb 05, 2012
I was in relationship with my boyfriend at the age of 18.
He liked to move his hands on my breasts.
He liked moving my breasts and nipple.
Sometimes he used to act like  kissing and licking my breasts and  suck nipple like baby.
Right now we are not in relationship.
Will his act of  sucking  breasts and nipple harm my health?
I am worried.
We never had sex.
But ,whatever is written above makes me worried.
Kindly reply soon.
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by zouzi, Feb 05, 2012
Absolutely not!.
You should be concerned only if you notice something abnormal in your breasts,like lumps,nipple discharge,swelling,bruising,skin changes etc....
If you have no symptoms such as I've mentioned,then you have nothing to worry about.
Take care..
by craz4, Feb 06, 2012
thank you very much Zouzi