Feeling Sick After Eating
by Kate-Ashlee, Aug 05, 2006
Everytime i eat food or drink i feel like i want to vomit and i also feel nauseaous especially if i eat a lot.

Although i have never thrown up this has been going on for a couple of weeks.
If i eat heavy foods like pasta or potato i get short of breath whereas not so bad if i eat salads etc.

My mum also has similar symptoms and still gets them occasionally but i feel i am getting it alot worse? Not sure if its in any realation though....
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by girlybuff, Aug 05, 2006
Are you having heartburn, acid reflux?  Is it really hot where you are?  Are you stressed out?
These could all be normal factors.
You might want to eat smaller meals and wait 3 hours after you eat before you go to bed.  Try and stay away from heavy foods too for a while.
And, most impotantly, drink LOTS of water.  Staying hydrated will help you digest anything you do eat.
Of course, I'm not a doctor.  If you're extremely worried, go to one.
Good luck and feel better.
by tootcie, Jan 03, 2008
feeling sick after eating every night for the past 23 years since christmas as i ate too much and was sick ca  you help me
by sarah_09, Nov 01, 2009
i have EXACTLY the same issue, i am not always sick but have been once or twive recently. have u experienced an weight loss recently im trying to see if it has a connection as i have.
by fajardo89jg, May 01, 2010
i have been feeling the same, lately after every meal i feel nauseaous. At first i felt worried about this sympton because i thought i was pregnat, but now this sympton won't go away. I don't stuff myself with big meals, this feeling comes upon everything i eat- usually by the time i'm through with the food by the last piece, i give it a chew and throw back out because i feel i can't swallow anymore? i makes me feel sick, so i rather not eat at all, til i get really really hungry! hmm what to do??
by sandy19782001, Jun 20, 2010
i found i was pregnat at 4 weeks, it was the greatest news but before that i already started to lose my appetite, i have been sick since and i immediately started spitting, then sometimes i would get dehydrated coz i cant drink any type of juice, milk etc i can  only stomach water and thats because i drink it really fast. then i would be ok for a lil bit but when it comes on to breakfast the only thing that  stays down is eggs, no saltine no type of fruits nothing. i am now 11 weeks pregnant and this is still happenening can someone give me some ideas especially where the appetite is concern im longing to eat and enjoy it i cannot go to any restaurants just the smell alone is it for me. sthanks so much for the stories most of them were great help......................
by ilmsx, Mar 14, 2011
Last week i was sick at about half 4 in the morning and had constant stomach pains all day, and through the whole week i was constantly feeling sick, and was sick again last night too! i have a few symptoms of pregnancy, but i am on the pill and have had my period :s . i dont know if it could be stress related or anxitey problems.
help? i dont want to look silly taking a pregnancy test because i just know im not ? :(
by Racks, Mar 30, 2011
I have felt sick almost continually for 1 week especially when I eat. My appetite is still there. I was/am concerned about pregnancy but had my last period and havent had sex since then. I am also very tried but have been working quite hard with only 5-6hrs sleep. I get quite stressed easily.I did have a pain in my sides but that seems to have gone and some in the middle of my back. Any ideas?
by pam1970, Apr 23, 2011
I have been nauseaous , i think thats how its spelled .. haha , for probably two weeks now . Its after i eat (usually )and only once in a while for no apparent reason . I'm 40 years old and have recently started a new work shift . I have kind of brushed it off until now . It's starting to get worse . I do take something for occasional acid reflux , but i have never felt like this before. Anyone with similar problem ?
by leah900, May 31, 2011
Well it seems I am not alone in this I am exactly the same but I know for a fact that Im not pregnant as I had twins 5 months ago and I haven't had intercourse (sorry to be blunt) I have had this for about two weeks now and I'm getting fed up of it I feel sick everytim I eat but yet I have toforce myself to eat and I used to be a good eater. I do suffer with post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety so I wonder if it's anything to do with that I don't know but it only started two weeks ago but i've had anxiety for 5 years. I wonder is it's anything to do with the medication my doctor has put me on they are called half inderalla i've been on them for about a week and a half I would really appreciate answers s I'm going crazy thinking that there is something wrong with me oh my name is leah and i'm 26 years old thanx