Preg Symptoms are expect for small cramp bubbles
by PrivateNShy, Jul 25, 2009
For almost 3 weeks I have had pregnancy symptoms and that "feeling" that i was definitely pregnant came last week.
My breasts which tend to be tender 4-5 days before my period started hurting almost 3 weeks before it was due. So bad it felt as if I had rubberbands tied around the nipples! Yeah, really bad and heavy. Im a B cup normally and was pretty much fitting almost a D.

However, i started spotting about 3 days before my period was due. I have had menstrual feeling cramps in the belly for about 2 weeks now. Especially during love making although my period was not here or no where near the time.
When I started spotting about 5 days ago. It was only via the toilet that I saw any blood. I went pee and a clot (or blood) about a cup wide filled the toilet basin. I had a little cramp pain and sharp cervix pain but this time it didnt feel like normal period cramps...funny as it felt like it during the weeks early when I wasnt even bleeding.

The bleeding never reached my maxipad although the cramps did get rather intense I wondered how I could have cramps all day so intense but not even be bleeding...then again another toilet trip and it was there. This happened for a whole day. The next day...no blood no cramps...The thrid day blood reaching the pantyliner was bright neon orange and the brightest red I had ever seen. Very little on the pantyliner but still when I went pee. Not much though like the first day.

My legs were hurting in the mean time (they had been for 2 weeks...dull aches in the calves) and the dr ordered a hcg test and also a vein ultrasound as it felt like I had blood clots. I mentioned to him that perhaps my miscarriages of the past were because of blood clotting so he did order a hcg test and also blood work to check for blood clot disorder-- Which I am still waiting to hear the results of.

I had to go to the Emergency room last night because I couldnt walk as my legs where aching so bad and my belly cramped so bad i was in so much pain! I think it was from all the sqeezing of my veins during the vein ultrasound test.
Anyhow they called my doc and he told them to give me a blood thinner and to call him in the morning.

*** Basically, I have no preg symptoms anymore and believe I might have miscarried....BUT!!! I do have these weird bubble feeling cramps that do not hurt in my lower abdomen above my pubic bone..and often stretching to the sides of my lower belly. I am wondering if i am indeed preg and if the blood could have been what I read as implantation bleeding? My boobs get a sharp pain in them every now and then...but they are not hurting to the point of tears as they were the past 2 weeks.***

The blood thinner shot that I had in my belly took all the cramps and stopped the bleeding for over 13 hours....i started spotting again though but its very little and its light light baby pink. I did see a wee bit of bright neon red blood for a sec early when I wiped but havent seen it anymore today.

I havent worn a pantyliner since this early morning.

Any advice or tips?

I took some baby asprin as I was not able to get into the doc today....he told me that hadnt my lab results testing for blood clot yet. I told his nurse how the shot of Lovenox, they gave me made my legs and cramping feel really good and that it also stopped my abnormal bleeding. He ignored that and didnt respond back to me nor call me like he promised.

I have had 4 m-c and I am done trying....i gave up last year...but was blessed this month when I felt the preg symptoms come on so intense. I would like to have a child as I am 29 and have had 2 ovarian cyst. I love children so much!
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Member Comments (4)
by PrivateNShy, Aug 07, 2009
I got a BFP! I am definitely pregnant!!!!
Got it a few days ago!!! OMG! I am so excited!
Went to the doctor today....had him excited too!
by momof3869, Aug 07, 2009
Congratulations!!!   I am so happy for you!

by PrivateNShy, Aug 07, 2009
Sweet Blessing to you too!
by pink2009, Aug 09, 2009
congrates hun, im realli happy for you.. im 1 day late atm and hoping i am preg...  got my fingers crossed.

:) x xx x