White Discharge right after period ended?
by anny777, May 17, 2010
Hi everyone....has this ever occured to you....I started having white discharge right after my period ended, and this has never occured to me before, usually after my period ends i dont have discharge at all until about 7 days and its usually clear in color...  
I took a blood test a few days back and it came out negative.....but i still feel like there is something going on...and i still have the discharge up to now...has this ever occured to anyone??...I am currently married and have been TTC...Please i need your advice...should i see a doctor immediately....
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by takemystomachplease, May 17, 2010
I am thinking maybe it's a yeast infection, because that makes a white discharge but with itching.  There is something also called luekoreha ( not spelled correcly ) but look it up online.  Luekoreha  also gives off white discharge from the Vagina. I would say go to the Pharmacy and buy a test kit for Bactrial  Vagintis and Yeast Infection made by Vagisil . That test the PH in the Vagina .  All you do is take the test stip on the handle insert into the vagina  and then compare it to the color palette. It  will   tell  you which infection you have.   I suspected I had BV i used the kit and I was right.  Then my Doctor wrote me a prescription for  Bacterial  Vaginitis .  I took the pills for a week and very importantly in this case abstained from sex,  then it cleared all up.
by EmsMom07, May 17, 2010
It sounds to me like it could just be sperm getting out, my husbands use to come out all the time when i wiped there would be a glob of it on the toilet paper (sorry if tmi) and this usualy happened for 1-2 after we would baby dance. I'm sure that since it's just white and has no smell that you are just fine. Hope this helps =0)
by Ashleigh18, May 17, 2010
White discharge isn't really anything to worry about since it is naturally supposed to be clear or white and can change throughout your schedule and throughout your life. If you are really worried about it you can go to your Gyno and ask for a vaginal exam which will get you the results you are looking for. Just to let you know having a yeast infection only gives you white discharge if it is lumpy like cottage cheese but it can also be yellow. Also if you have itching at all you should really go to the doc and get it checked out.
by Pinky91461, Apr 19, 2011
I had my period but it didnt came again and its been 3 months. I have been having the white gooey stuff. Am i pregnant? I really want to know if my period is coming yet. I have my period when it was January and I think it ended at Febuary. And i still havent had my period after that. Plzzz say im not pregnant. I talked to my sister and she just said wipe it.plzz help me
by car_car2, Apr 25, 2014
I had an abortion april 11 th and had a period the following week on the 14 and had sex the end of my period on the 18th and on the 21st but on the 22nd i whipe myself and a glob of white stuff was on the toliet tissue ive started on birth control as well my period only last 5-6 days can u tell me whats going on?
by SevertsWife12, Apr 25, 2014
They say that if it is white discharge after a period mean your ovulating and fertile!