weird bumps on labia minora (terrified)
by help888, Jan 03, 2007
i am 18 yrs old and 2 months ago i decided to look at my labia minora. near the vaginal opening on the bottom, i have like a stand of bumps. they are the same color as the rest of the labia minora. they look similar to swollen taste buds that are kind of spread out. both sides of the labia seem to have it, but way more so on the right side. i am worried they might be warts, although they do not look like the ones i see online. does hpv go away on its own after awhile?? please help me! i have been stressing for 2 months over this and i do not want to go to a gyno...
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by mrs canada, Jan 03, 2007
By the way - I answered in your other post on the same subject - but if you are sexually active, and under the age of 19, you DO need to see a gyno. The risk of developing diseases of the reproductive tract increase greatly if you are sexually active at that age because your organs are not as mature and resilient and more prone to damage. You should be having a yearly exam including a pap.
by yoyo21, Mar 30, 2008
latley my vaginal lips have been hurting, sore, and itching. recently i notice i have a small bubble-like bump thats the same color as the rest of my labia minora. the bumb is on my labia minora. it wasnt there early in the day when i took my first shower, but tonight after taking a shower i felt an irratating sensation as i washed, when i noticed it.. what could this be
by lilveevee, Aug 18, 2008
I'm also 18 and have the same thing i have no idea what it is, its like little tiny bumps on both sides on the labia minotra that is the same color as the rest of my skin and they don't hurt the skin feels kinda of ruff when you touch it. I don't know what it is or how i got it.... maybe its skin irratation or skin tags??? I am sexually active and i have seen a gyno before and its scary at first but its worth it trust me I'm going to see one again soon but until then I really don't know what the bumps are. I researched genital warts and herpes and the descriptions and pictures are way different from what I have so I don't know what it is or if it's normal
by cherry1115, Aug 18, 2008
i have those too, but im not sexually active. theyre kind of like little pimples and if you pop them a white substance comes out. i dont recomend doing that tho because its painful and im not sure if its harmful. my suggestion is to leave them alone. but if someone knows wat they are for real that would be very helpful
by bruju, Sep 10, 2008
A week ago I felt a little burn when I wiped after peeing, later on the day a I took a look and saw a tiny bump on my labia minora, every time I wiped it burned.  Today I wiped and this thing came off , now it is not there but it hurts. What could it be??? I am scared
by bruju, Sep 11, 2008
I went to the doctor, she said it was nothing, maybe just some irritation and it is normal...well.......I don't have anything anymore, but she said I have a little yeast infection.
by lilmom2, Aug 29, 2009
I have the same blister-like bumps, and I am 65 plus and not sexually active.  I had a biopsy done and all came out okay.  My gyno thinks I am reacting to something????  I have had these for about 2 years.  Sometimes the bumps will will break and it feels slightly uncomfortable.
She told me to apply Estrace cream, but see no change.
by lilbee92, Nov 27, 2009
I am having this same problem I see it's dated back to 2008 and you have probably been to the doctors. if you don't mind me asking I would like to know what it is and if I should be worried because I have been withthe same guy and he has been tested and is clean and I have never done anything with anyone else except him. it doesn't hurt I just happened to notice them last night..
by EllieDvorak, Feb 06, 2010
I have that same thing. I am 14 and sexually active but I've only had sex with one guy and I first noticed the bumps around 4 years ago, back when I started learning about my body.  So I don't know if it's something that I was born with or something else. It doesn't hurt at all but when I touch them, they just feel rough. Does anyone know anything about this?