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23yrs old, chronic lower back/buttock/hip pain for 12yrs any suggestion...
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this group is for chronic pain suffers that have fibro men and women can join this group anyone that has chronic pain can join this group

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23yrs old, chronic lower back/buttock/hip pain for 12yrs any suggestions welcome!!!!!!

Hi everyone! I'm new to all this but already finding a lot more helpful than the rest of the social networking sites lol. So hello all! I hope to find somebody that could suggest what might be wrong with me or find somebody in a similar situation as me....I am 23 with chronic back/buttock/hip pain for over 12 years now but with no diagnosis. I have been and done probably everything there is too do, but i refuse to stop looking for answers to why i suffer so much at such a young age. (Please read my profile to see more about me and my agonising condition.) I plan to get together a list of posibilities what could be wrong with me and literally let the doctor cross them off one by one, it's not my job to be researching and trying to find out why i am in so much pain constantly, but it looks like i'm the only one who will! So please please please take the time to read it and fire suggestions my way.....So hi and bye for now!! x
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