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Vitamin D deficiency
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Vitamin D deficiency

Hey everyone
I'm so glad that i found this forum. It's amazing how many people have the same symptoms like me.
So here's my story, from 2 or 3 years i started feeling tired - randomly ! In the beginning i thought, hmm its not that serious you just need to sleep more but as time passed by it got worser. I started to avoid going outside because i was tired the whole time.
But this was nothing compared to now, this year it got sooo much worse, i was anxious and stressed about everything what i was doing for an example watching TV and suddenly i got stressed bec. of nothing. I was thinking like wtf is wrong with me, whats going on? Suddenly i felt like i was another person, constantly having pressure on my cheeks, became nearsided but the worst part for me was i couldnt recognise myself, that was not me anymore!!

I tried to ignore it now for 2 years but from 3 weeks ago i had a panick attack and from this point on, i knew that something was wrong with me. I went to hospital, they made a blood test, heart test. After 4 hours of waiting the doctor said that everything was alright and told me that i must exercise. I was soo confused like how am i gonna exercise when im feeling tired the whole time? After this i went home and did some researches about my symptoms and voila i found the vitamin d deficiency. Everything made sense now, i went to my doctor and described her everything after that she made a vitamin d blood test. After a week my results were up and i was shocked, my vitamin d level was 7.2 but she made it seem like it wasnt a big deal. She also tried to tell me that maybe it was depression but i was sure that vitamin d was the cause of everyhting what happened to me. In the end she gave me an injection vit d and b12. She told me that i was "fully tanked now for 6 month" in my mind i thought this couldnt be that easy so i asked her, if she could give me d3 tablets. When she gave me the tablets i realised that it was 400ui and she told me to take 1 per day. I was kinda sceptical because i was reading on the internet that everyone takes 2000-5000ui per day. So my question now is, should i take more even after injection ?

a quick sidenote, recently when the sun is shining, i go outside and tan a little and i realised that i feel sooo much better, like the old normal me, but unfortunately this feeling doesnt last for so long maybe for 1-2 days but after a while the symptoms come back again. Is this feeling ever going to be stable? It's like a rollercoaster ride i would do everything to have my old life again :(

Thanks for your support and sorry for the long post *.*
You sound like what I had gone through starting March 2010. If you do not believe read my post. I have just posted my cure story.

Everything you described was me. I will be ready to help with all your questions...

I went through hell from March 2010 to January 2013. However, I started Vitamin D supplement ( 5000 iu, D3 per day, in liquid form from Sun Down after lunch meal)  from September 15th. After 7 months I am fully cured. I had same symptoms as you. In addition, I had zero sleep. Now I have my life back. Stay on Vitamin D, be patient and you will be ok...believe me...
Thanks so much for your answer, you gave me a little hope :)

Back to topic, umm i went to a pharmacy and they told me that it was too much ( 5000 iu ), then i told them that i really need it because my vit d level is too low then they said thats its dangerous because its fat soluble... to be honest i didnt get their point.
Now i stopped taking those 400 ui ( was taking 5 tablets per day ) and felt bad after them.
Liquid form ? Do u mean like drops? What should i say to my doctor when asking about liquid form?

and once again i'm glad someone can relate to what im going through because everyone else thinks im just being over...


I can definitely relate to what you have been going through..You will definitely benefit with D

Please note that Pharmacies will tell you that 5000 iu per day is too much because recommended limit by government is 400 iu per day. This is where the problem is. However, when you are deficient (less than 30), doctors ask you to take 50,000 iu D2 per week (which is in fact more than 5000 iu per day) for 2 to 3 months and they check the Vit D again. You can check this with your doctor. However, with 5000 iu per day or 50,000 iu per week, you will be able to get your Vitamin D level to around 30 to 40 in 2 to 3 months. However, a good level is to have it around 60 - this takes around 6 months. In fact, doctors say that any value between 30 to 100 is good. After you are at Vit D level 60, you should maintain it by having around 2500 iu per day. Than only you will start seeing teh difference as it takes 7-8 month to get better. As per books, there is no issue with high dosage of Vitamin D (like 5000 iu per day) unless your Vit. D level goes higher than 100. In that case you should reduce the iu quantity per day.
I personally like to keep it around 60 so that I have maximum benefit and also because during winter it goes down rapidly.
You should read a book called Power of Vitamin D (through Amazon Kindle) by Sarfraz Zaidi. He is a doctor in UCLA and he practices high dose of Vitamin D on his patients and has seen tremendous results. Therefore, he wrote a book on it.

Also, note that 50,000 iu comes in form of D2 and is only available by doctor's prescription. While, you can get D3 as tablets or liquid form with 1000 iu, 3000 iu, and 5000 iu. These are over the counter. Based on what I have read D3 is more effective in raising Vit D level than D2. I guess that you can take either tablets or liquid. It is just that I started with liquid which was by company named Sundown and was available at CVS. It is a small brown bottle which comes with a dropper so that you can fill half (for 2500 iu) or full (for 5000 iu) and take it after lunch meals. Since it is fat soluble, if you take after lunch (which presumably has fat) you will absorb it immediately.

Take care....I am happy to help
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