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Information last revised August 2010

What does MULTIVITAMINS-ORAL look like?

Hlm75080Vita Con Forte 1 mg Cap
Etx02160Prenatal Rx 1 60 mg (Iron)-1 mg Tab
Wct02260NataFort 60 mg (Iron)-1 mg Tab
Czz01520B Complex Vitamins Plus Tab
Aa074060One-A-Day Womens Formula 27 mg-0.4 mg Tab
Phc46880Unicap Senior Tab
Rug40460multivitamin Tab
Url16890Prenatal Plus 27 mg-1 mg Tab
Bsl03870Ocuvite Tab
Ivx00060Generix T Tab
Etx04150Natalcare Three 28 mg-1 mg Tab
Qlt59700Therobec Plus 27 mg-0.8 mg Tab
Evt00790Vitafol-OB 65 mg-1 mg Tab
Cha0947zPrenatal Vitamin 27 mg-0.8 mg Tab
Etx02570NatalCare PIC 60 mg (Iron)-1 mg Tab
Cvs25220Daily Multiple Tab
Cvs57290Spectravite Tab
Cyp01870Prenatal-H 106.5 mg-1 mg Cap
Etx00730NataCaps 106 mg-1 mg Cap
Wal00590Ocutabs Tab
Wal00401Super Aytinal Active Adults Tab
Ush01400Cenogen Ultra 106 mg-1 mg Cap
Qlt59690Therobec 15 mg-100 mg-4 mg-500mg-0.5mg Tab
Cvs30027Daily Multiple Tab
Bkr04600Vinate AZ 27 mg-1 mg Tab
Rve02430Verotin-GR 65 mg-1 mg Tab
Bkr03570Vinatal Forte 60 mg (Iron)-1 mg Tab
Bkr05660Vinate One 60 mg (Iron)-1 mg Tab
Bkr05810Vinate C 30 mg-1 mg Tab
Mjr53130Prenatal Vitamin 27 mg-0.8 mg Tab
Mis05500Oncovite Tab
Etx02920Ultra NatalCare 90 mg-1 mg-50 mg Tab
Etx0329zNataTab FA 29 mg-1 mg Tab
Amd00770B Complex Vitamins Plus Tab
Aa081080One-A-Day 50 Plus Tab
Cyp01800Hematinic Plus Vit/Minerals 106 mg-1 mg Tab
Rug34450Cerovite Senior Tab
Qlt59700Formula B Plus 27 mg-0.8 mg Tab
Etx0376zNatatab RX 29 mg-1 mg Tab
Rug35470One-Tablet-Daily Tab
Url16890Prenatal Plus 65 mg-1 mg Tab
Qlt63810Vica Forte 1 mg Cap
Cyp01790Prenatal-U 106.5 mg-1 mg Cap
Bkr01780Vinate II 29 mg-1 mg Tab
Cyp01780PrenaFirst 17 mg-1 mg Tab
Cvs03260Daily Multiple Tab
Cvs86290Spectravite Naturalized Tab
Trx00240Precare 40 mg-1 mg Chewable Tab
Wal00372UltraChoice Tab
Wal00510Stress Formula Tab
Rug34450Cerovite Silver Tab
Wal00374Ultra Choice Multivit with Min Tab
Cyp01760Prenatabs OBN 29 mg-1 mg Tab
Cvs30029Spectravite Advanced Formula 0.4 mg-300 mcg-250 mcg Tab
Wal00671Theragran-M 9 mg-0.4 mg Tab
Wal00385Super B Complex + C Tab
Cvs37540B-complex with vitamin C Tab
Flm02180ProBarimin QT 4 mg-0.3 mg Tab, Rapid Dissolve
Tmr08270Right Step Prenatal Vitamins 27 mg-0.8 mg Tab
Evt02090Strovite Advance + D 1 mg-1,000 unit-15 mg-5mg Tab
Qlt59700B-Plex Plus 27 mg-0.8 mg Tab
Act01710Prenatal Rx 27 mg-0.5 mg Tab
Czz01110Prenatal Plus 27 mg-1 mg Tab
Aa075130One-A-Day Maximum Formula Tab
Bkr01540Vinate Ultra 90 mg-1 mg-50 mg Tab
Evt0208zStrovite Advance 1 mg Tab
Rug40600Multilex-T&M Tab
Led41770Centrum Silver Tab
Evt00780Vitafol-PN (UD) 65 mg-1 mg Tab
Ivx40390Prenatal S 27 mg-0.8 mg Tab
Rug40630Prenavite 28 mg-0.8 mg Tab
Wrh42391Centrum 0.4 mg-162 mg-18 mg Tab
Swz23090Niferex PN Forte 60 mg (Iron)-1 mg Tab
Phm06680Natelle-EZ 25 mg-1 mg Tab
Etx02580NatalCare PIC Forte 60 mg (Iron)-1 mg Tab
Cvs25160Spectravite Tab
Cvs37330Spectravite Senior Tab
Wal00396Multiple Vitamins Tab
Trx00140PreCare Conceive 30 mg-1 mg Tab
Wal00467A Thru Z Select Tab
Wal00468A Thru Z High Potency Tab
Wal0039jB-complex with vitamin C Tab
Nvx00920NovaStart 17 mg-1 mg Tab
Cvs30026Spectravite Senior Tab
Wal00587Prenatal 28 mg-0.8 mg Tab
Rve02590Vitaphil 25 mg-1 mg Tab
Cvs32812Daily Multiple Tab
Set01040Se-Care 40 mg-1 mg Chewable Tab
Npt19880Vital-D Rx 1,750 unit-60 mg-1 mg-12.5 mg Tab
Nal04000Super Thera Vite M Tab
Qlt63810V-C Forte 1 mg Cap
Etx03160Prenatal MTR/Selenium 27 mg-1 mg Tab
Tev91111Prenatal Plus 27 mg-1 mg Tab
Aa073030One-A-Day Essential Tab
Bkr01550Vinate M 27 mg-1 mg Tab
Rug35470Daily-Vite Tab
Rug46610Therems-M 27 mg-0.4 mg Tab
Rug35470Daily Multiple Tab
Ivx41620Certagen 18 mg-0.4 mg-250 mcg Tab
Ivx45190Therapeutic-M 9 mg-0.4 mg Tab
Rug40850Prenavite 28 mg-0.8 mg Tab
Phm03170Natelle 27 mg-1 mg Tab
Amd02480Prenatal Formula 27 mg-1 mg Tab
Etx02161Prenatal Rx 1 60 mg (Iron)-1 mg Tab
Cvs25230Daily Multiple Tab
Cvs61850Spectravite Tab
Etx03280NataTab CFe 50 mg-1 mg Tab
Wal0039aB-complex with vitamin C Tab
Wal00400Super Aytinal 50 Plus Tab
Wal00400Super Aytinal Active Adults Tab
Wal00373Ultra Choice Multivit with Min Tab
Aky06680Prenatal Plus 27 mg-1 mg Tab
Alc00401Icaps Plus Tab
Cvs25250Prenatal Vitamin Tab
Num01200multivitamin Cap
Bkr02540Multifol Plus 65 mg-1 mg Tab
Bkr03570NataFort 60 mg (Iron)-1 mg Tab
Ace03180Multinatal Plus 40 mg-1 mg Chewable Tab
Mjr53130Prenatal 28 mg-0.8 mg Tab


This medication is a multivitamin product used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency due to poor diet, certain illnesses, or during pregnancy. Vitamins are important building blocks of the body and help keep you in good health.
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