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Welcome to the Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum! This forum is for questions pertaining to acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, as they relate to adjunctive cancer care, preventive medicine, women’s health, sports medicine, post-surgery rehabilitation, addiction and fertility.
Do you have experience with acupuncture in alleviating urinary symptoms such as a large urine residual in the bladder after urinating? I ...
Hi, I'm 19 years old I just moved down to a different state with my family, I've been suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks mos...
What are some ways to induce labor through acupuncture or chinese medicine?
Andrew, 22, male, Australia - NSW For almost 3 years I've been having constant and frequent spasms in my upper glute/lower back muscles ...
Is it posible to get pregnant even if he doesnt put the sperms inside? We trying not to ger preg ,but yet we are not using any anticonsep...
Would acupuncture work for anxiety and dizziness? Does it hurt or what does a person feel? Im a nervous reck.. Cause Im scared to. Be on ...
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