Addiction Chat Group Group

This is a chat group for anyone who needs to vent about thier problems with addiction to opiates (including methadone), benzos, tranquilizers, sedatives, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and any other drug that is causing you problems in your life or that have become a normal part of your life, like drinking water and eating.
I'm a 34 yr old mom, and an addicted to meth, my husband knows bc i told him, but he keeps saying you have till this date to stop ect. I ...
What i really wanna know, is can i die? I know detoxing off severe heroin use has the chance of killing you, i dont see a differance. Als...
I do not know even where to begin. I did so much research to obtain Health Insurance from Healthcare.gov that I could probably be an expe...
I'm well into my 69th year and I'm dealing with trying to kick an addiction to Percocet. This is my first addiction except for coffee. I ...
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR for WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS!!! Hello there; Last evening Oct 20,2011, while struggling with the growing pain and unea...
I just would like to get some feedback and other peoples perspective on Rehab's or just people in general I guess that are tring to detox...
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