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one year of Enbrel injections. Although the Enbrel may have lessened the pain and progression. other side effects and basically an unwell...
Is anyone on Diclofenac? I am on it for an orthopedic condition and have been on it almost 4 weeks. It works, but am unsure how long I ...
is colchicine safe for arthritis? I'm on several meds for daily arthritis pain but it seems not completely managed my ESR is high
Hello fellow community! I’ve been experiencing swelling, tightness, and light pain in my left index and ring knuckles for ten months now...
Hello, I had been on fabuxsotat 40 mg morning 80 mg evening for about 25 days . Uric acid level dropped down to 1.7 then dose was adjuste...
I am a 32 yo female of normal weight with no previous health issues besides normal colds etc. In fact I was in the best shape of my life ...
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