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Child Behavior Community

My partner's niece talks like a baby.I don't know if she is doing that to be cute or for some other reason. When a train goes by she say...
My 3 year old child says she wants to go home, when we are home. She has been saying this off and on for at least the last year. She ca...
How many parents have kids who were bullied in school? This could include if they were physically pushed around, verbally assaulted or ju...
My seven year old has been licking his hands/ fingers for several weeks. It appears to be very compulsive with a lack of awareness on hi...
Hi, I have noticed that my 2 year old son when he is excited he tenses up and flexes his arms out. Sometimes he curls his fists in. I'm...
I've already spoken to a few pediatricians in my area who have all told me that my two year olds obession with hair eating and pulling it...
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